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Discussion in 'Tata sky' started by Parminder, Mar 21, 2008.

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    The movies availavle on tata sky for viewing on a pay per view basis :

    I checked today and there were just two or three movies available and they are really old ones.. one was metro something and another shootout at Lokhandwala which are atleast a year old and there were no English movies available.

    To top it up the prices are just too high as one could go and watch a movie in a cinema hall for that amount of money.

    Am I missing something or is tata sky playing a joke on us?
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    You are actually right, the price to watch movies on demand on tata sky is a bit too high with which we can actually go and watch movies in a movie hall itself rather than in our TV. They are actually banking the fact that with that price more can watch the movie when compared with movie halls i suppose. I have not tried this service at all and will not so if they will not bring the price down.
  3. just4kix

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    What is the price?

    DishTv has 6 MOD channels but they too show old'ish movies but sometimes they show some new movies also. DishTV has two MOD channels for Eng movies and the rest for Hindi. The price is Rs. 55 to Rs. 72 per movie.
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    The movies that are available from movie on demand, are all old. All the movies which you can pay to watch are shown on other movie channels anyway, so who would pay to watch them.

    There is very little choice in for the movie on demand and there are no Hollywood movies available to watch, which is the disadvantage from Tata Sky.

    Although if the movies were new then it would be worth paying the price for movie on demand!
  5. just4kix

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    Whereas DishTV does show English Movies, most of them (incl Hindi) are old and not worth watching (you have most likely seen them already). For example, current movies available on Dish TV are:

    - Aap Ki Khatir
    - Risk
    - The Game Plan
    - The Pacifier
    - Stomp The Yard
    - Bommarillu

    Occassionally there are new movies - Spiderman 3 appeared six months after release in theatres.

    So a note of caution to anyone: If you are going to subscribe to DishTV or TataSKY do not fall the bait of <nnn> movies free of cost. You will probably never watch them. If you wish to subscribe, sign up on other factors. But in any case DTH is better than cable.

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