Tata Sky Mobile -app For Ipad & Iphone

Recently Tata Sky introduced an app for users of IPAD and iphone wherein one can see limited channel of Tata sky through IPAD and iphone They have mentioned that it can be viewed with ANYY OF THE the new set up box 1) Tata sky 2) Tata sky HD 3) Tata sky+HD.
On activating by paying Rs.60 per month.
It was told that we can view the prog by wifi for which 1) from wifi router to tata sky setup box to be connected by Ethernet cable or 2) by using a doggle connected to set up box.
I am having a connection TATASKY HD .and another tatasky mpeg4 box. In both the boxes there is no provision to fix for Ethernet cable .
When I contacted they are advising me use Ethernet cable only.
Please guide me