Tata Sky Marketing Calls


Staff member
My tata sky account was about to run out of credit so I decided to recharge it before the subscriptions expired. I recharged using ngpay for Rs500 but nothing happened for an hour or so and then I recharged for Rs1500 and again nothing happened for another hour but as I have been using ngpay for a while I know that any money that doesn't make it to the account is refunded without me having to call them so I woke up next day and recharged again for Rs2500 this time and it worked and then I ran the failed transactions as well from my profile feature that they have.

That was not a problem, problems started the next day when I started getting two calls every day from tata sky telling me that you have a lot of balance in the account why not buy an annual subscription but I kept saying I dont want it and please dont call again. I still kept on getting calls every day until day before yesterday when a lady called up and I asked her to put me through to a supervisor and she said you cannot talk to a supervisor as there is no one here and eventually she hanged up on me. I got another call the same evening and this time it was a guy and all I said to him was "MC" and "BC" and spend all the words Ive been saving up. Calls stopped coming after that :)