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Discussion in 'Tata sky' started by KaranKaran, Oct 23, 2013.

  1. KaranKaran

    KaranKaran New Member

    Tata Sky have a new option where you can create your own pack, this allows users to choose a single channel from the options and pay the cost of per channel instead of the whole pack, where you watch some channels and don't watch some of them. I haven't used this option before, but wondering whether this option would be beneficial or not, would this allow me to save more money on the monthly subscription of Rs700 which I pay?
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I had checked this once myself. It does not work out any cheap. It may work only if you want a single channel out of many available. For instance:

    - You are subscribed to a pack that has Hindi Entertainment channels but not English
    - You did not want the full English chanel bouquet
    - But you very much like AXN

    Then you can select it a-la-carte and pay for AXN only.

    The above works fine. But if you wish to have lots of channels, then a-la-carte (or "Make my Pack") works 2 or 3 times as expensive. TRAI has made it mandatory to offer all channels individually by choice. But all operators, including TataSky (theives that they are), made the individual channel prices so high that no one probably bothers to take them.
  3. Jamin

    Jamin New Member

    My grandparents used the Tata Sky Make My Pack service, as its most suitable for them. They have very select channels which they watch I think in total around 8 channels, so the Make My Pack works outs cheaper for them. If you have a lot of channels which you watch I think its best not to go for the Make My Pack option.
  4. ShivS

    ShivS New Member

    If I was you I would go through the Tata Sky website and note down the channels that you watch and their single cost, add this amount up and then compare it to the package amount provided by Tata Sky. This would be the best way to know which option is best, and whether it works out to be less than Rs700 a month or more.
  5. MaheshBoxer

    MaheshBoxer New Member

    It always seems better to go for this option provided by Tata Sky, but its not really for those who watch different channels, its mainly aimed at those who watch a certain genre of programmes or who watch a certain few channels. Still no harm in trying this out, but it wont work out cheaper than what your currently paying.
  6. Yogi

    Yogi New Member

    This is something similar to what cable operators have introduced, like the advertisement on TV where they serial ladies say you need to fill in a subscriber application form and write what channels you like and you only pay for the channels you watch.
  7. Remi

    Remi New Member

    Its not worth using the the Make My Pack, as it would work out to be more costly it is only suitable for those who view say only around 5-8 channels and no other channel.
  8. MaheshBoxer

    MaheshBoxer New Member

    My cousin was also thinking of opting for this recently, and I told her to work out how much it works out either way and she was shocked to see that the Make My Pack option was much costlier. She had a vast selection of channels as there are 5 members in her family who all watch different channels and programmes.
  9. Preeti_20

    Preeti_20 Active Member

    I tried this and for me it actually works out to be more expensive. So its a decision you need to make wisely.
  10. KaranKaran

    KaranKaran New Member

    Yes it does work out to be expensive, thanks for the advise everyone.
  11. Guppi

    Guppi New Member

    Its not worth getting the Make My Pack service, its something which looks appealing but you end up paying way more than you would with the ready made packages from Tata Sky.
  12. Pawan Saini

    Pawan Saini New Member

    How can I avail this service make my plan

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