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  1. any010

    any010 New Member

    May any one advice / Help me out,,,,

    My Existing Tata Sky LNB and its position could be usefull for BigTV - Relaince, signals,,,,

    ( As i have 120" size Dish and Higher end LNB,,,, i can just left it like this )

  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    Have not apprehended the query properly.

    Are you saying whether you can use your (large) TataSky dish to receive BigTV signals? Dish and LNB and universal and just by changing position/alignment, it can receive signals from any satellite. But your STB/VC are required to decrypt the encoded signals.

    Otherwise I cannot make head or tail of this post - anyone else is most welcome to solicit a reply.

    Moving thread to proper forum ...
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  3. any010

    any010 New Member

    Thanks for reply

    I mean to ask is TataSky dish and its LNB position is Ok to receive BigTV signals? I am thiking to get the BigTV Digi-box.

    Actually time being i am out of India,, and found many Indian Watching TATA sky and Dish TV In South east Asia and some of the Middle east ,

    Now i want to try Big TV ,,th inking to fix at existing TATA sky dish at its Existing position.

  4. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    OK. As I posted earlier, the actual dish and LNB are universally usable for any DTH provider. You will need new STB and VC for BigTV. If you go for BigTV, you may still have to pay the full CPE (dish+LNB+STB+VC) cost and installation charges, i.e., unless you can do all those things yourself.

    I am saying that CPE costs will be charged in full because the hardware, dish, LNB, Set top box and Veiwing Card comes as a package and are not priced individually. If you really put up a fight, they may reduce Rs. 500/- from the total at most. Installation charges will also be charged because the person will come with his test equipment, check alignment, signal strength, cabling, etc.

    So your existing hardware is of not much use other than that the dish is big and capable of stronger reception.

    Going by the reviews of BigTV, I am not sure why you wish to switch to BigTV. What advantage are you going to get?
  5. any010

    any010 New Member

    Thanks for your advice,

    Actually i needs some change,,,TATA sky is not bad, only the problems of R-Signals, In Dec end i am coming to India for 2 weeks, So i thought either to get a Full package of TATA sky or go for a new one which ever will provide me Indian specially regional channel more easily when i am out of India....


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