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Discussion in 'Tata indicom Photon' started by bejoy.raj, Oct 3, 2010.

  1. bejoy.raj

    bejoy.raj New Member

    This is Bejoy a tata photon+ user from Delhi, I got this connection before two weeks and from Day 1 the connection speed is 10 or 20 kbps, to the max I got 150 kbps one day... They said it will be 3.1 mbps, I know it is not possible but I expected atleast 1 MBPS, I called the customer care people to rectify my problem, I would have made atleast a dozen calls and the service totally sucks, it takes atleast 10 - 15 mins to contact a customer care officer if you are lucky enough otherwise your call will disconnected within 10 mins before you cross those automated voices. Till now nobody showed up, I'm planning to surrender my connection, and now I have to spend another 2000 bucks for a new connection, Is there really any solution to sue this guys, and stop Innocent customers to fell in their cheap tricks, I'm fed up calling these idiots, now I really want to file a complaint and get justice... any suggestions are welcome, as I'm too busy with my job I thought of filing it in the online forums first...

  2. Tata Indicom

    Tata Indicom New Member

    Dear Mr.Bejoy

    Greetings from Tata Indicom! We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    We request you to kindly provide us your connection details or your alternate contact number to get in touch with you.

    We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

    Should you require any further assistance please mail us at Customer.care@tatatel.co.in.

    Thanks and Regards
    Customer Care
    Tata Indicom.
  3. bejoy.raj

    bejoy.raj New Member

    Let's See...

    K Let's see for the last time, before I get the connection disconnected...

    My Tata Photon+ number is:9266620341

    My Contact No is:8010725005

    (Dear Public, will keep you posted the status of their so said... Immediate action...)

  4. dsai588

    dsai588 New Member

    Any updates here?

    BTW I came to know, that we can use any other SIM card in the EVDO data cards bought from BSNL, so does this stand valid for data-cards bought from other network providers too?
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  5. bejoy.raj

    bejoy.raj New Member


    Sorry I was quite busy to reply here... Ya posting here at least made them to call me back, some executives came to my place and they told me I exceeded the download limit and that's Y my download speed went down to 10 kbps.. But I was facing the problem since I bought the connection, does that mean I have exceeded the download limit before I started using the connection..:confused:

    Also I subscribed for a extra download pack of 10 GB, which they said is available for my plan at the time of registration, and when I en-quire now, they say that package is not applicable with my plan... Cheaters... I'm a Tata user in many of their other products... Where their service is good and satisfactory... But with this particular product, I recommend not to buy... oR go for a trial before buying it... moreover the executives they are sending to your Home, they never know anything about any of the plans, so better contact the customer care to know about the plan, and then go for it...
    I will surrender my connection in this week and have spent other 2000 bucks for an other connection....:mad:
  6. dsai588

    dsai588 New Member

    Well that's sad. Even I had a terrible experience with Tata (broadband) - paid for 3 months unlimited plan and got a 1 month data limited plan. CC never helped. Since then I hate Tata's telecom services.

    Have you asked any other provider that if they can use this Tata's modem (data card) with their SIM card, I'm not sure but I think BSNL has such service;

    In this page:

    read this line:
    Activation charges in case customer brings his own data card in Rs. 350
  7. bejoy.raj

    bejoy.raj New Member


    that sounds great.. I never heard about that kind of service, Please keep posted if there is a possibility to do so..

    Moreover I doubt, if there is a sim card in my data card! I never saw one...? But if there is... I might use the data card in far future...
  8. dsai588

    dsai588 New Member

    Actually I am frm delhi, so my reach is limited to mtnl.
    And as u know, these gov ppl - apne company ka toh inhe kuch pata nahi hota, so i'm pretty sure that their knowledge about BSNL is next to zero.

    In fact even i am waiting fr ppl to answer this Qn.

    And regarding your data card; that's a sim-embedded data card, and I think even in those types of data cards it is possible to change the netwrk. But again it wud be mch better to contact a person from BSNL, than believing other ppls' guesses. May be I will visit a BSNL office in ghaziabad (UP) nxt week, if nobody updates this thread by then....i'll do it after that.


    Haha.....I was just going through the Tata's CC profiles posts:


    and at least 90% of the posts are filled with apologies from him/her to others....and hardly 2-3 posts providing solutions.....so dumb they are :p :D :)
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  9. itsmemad

    itsmemad Alligator

    ^^ Atleast they are apologizing. Some providers don't care for that too. And as per the OP, this customer care initiated some action. She did her job for which she is paid. If the company or other persons of the organization are at fault, what more a C.C. rep. can do? There are companies who sell inferior/overpriced products in the market only cuz of their customer care. Dell is a prime example. :)
  10. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Tata is the most sincere brand house in India. They take care of everything..
    can you guess of an apology by Reliance or any other co.?? their marketing managers dont hassle to bring bad name to their co. But if its Tata, they will go through your problem, and bring it to a result.. even if they have to apologize, they will surely do this..

    Its not telecom, Tata made our countries Infrastructure. (atleast 20-25%)
    they made steel, they made heavy vehicles for the commercial purposes of our public- read as buses and trucks, they made India's cheapest car for everyone, they made economically cheaper services at all sectors. and they also brought thousands of men and women earning for a poor country which doesnt have enough jobs for every one in the public sector..

    And what other corporate houses gave to us? did they add in to the country's infrastructure? to people?? have you heard of Reliance cars? reliance buses, machines and other heavy engineering..
    they take on chemical, petroleum and other things which will bring them more and more income. they call it business as harsh they could go.

    i have all love for Tata..
  11. dsai588

    dsai588 New Member

    I don't think TATA is paying them for such a little work (copy-pasting a para in some forums - that can be done while taking my morning tea :p)

    I can't understand why the heck companies in India take Customer support so lightly.....at least Internet Providers (ISPs) should have their exclusive forums on the Internet where free support is given to their customers....
    The problem is I think, in countries like India with that large population, maintaining customers is not a matter of concern for them....simply invest in advertisements and grab more prey everyday.....and what they are missing is a crucial & the best type of advertising - word of mouth, which they can only get via satisfied customers....

    I agree, TATA gave a lot to India in other sectors, but in Telecom sector, the thread speaks out correctly "tata sucks"

    Hey by the way, heard of issues between Tata motors and Fiat? QUITE an issue it is too....it's like cheating the people who had trust on you AND paid $$ to you.

    In any Industry if after sales service sucks, then the company suckss tooo....& ok....that's not just with Tata, others like Reliance, Airtel, Idea are bad too, but as of now I had my first experience only with Tata & the biggest losers of all time: MTNL
    MTNL sucks too....BIG TIME SUCKERS are they - entire MTNL staff.

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  12. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Problems happen everywhere. It just hyping of things. Broadband problems do occur in Germany ( i know because i saw in one forum).

    indian ISPs have limited bandwidth, paying more for the license fee, leased foreign fibers because the country has no internet backbone.. no infrastructure..

    In a country where people have lost the mind of finding best representatives for themselves, i think sometimes-downtimes is just a very small thing.
    you may have problems facing, but may not be others.. dont judge everything so early and without proper consideration.
  13. dsai588

    dsai588 New Member

    Early? Common man it's the habit of procrastination that left India DECADES behind the western countries in terms of Economy and Technology.

    why should we wait for so many years for 3G (and still waiting)? For Unique ID cards? For facilities like 911?
    I mean you don't need rocket science for that (BTW when can we have something like NASA here LOL)

  14. mickey

    mickey New Member


    ISPs need 100%uptime power supply.. do we have that? No.
    ISPs need more bandwidth from Govt. do they get that? Again a big no.
    ISPs need more and more infrastructure (fibres etc). No we don't have.
    ISPs need more advanced people who will like generous speeds. for this definetly they will ask more money. And can we pay them? No.
    ISPs need internet backbones, servers, host in India. No we have none reliable servers.
    ISPs are relying on just some people who are either corporate houses or rich people, who will like faster speeds, the numbers for this segment is very low, most people use BSNL/MTNL 250KBPS. Rest use Data cards and gprs dialups.
    If they need to draw some extra money from their customers, Govt. and the subscribers will both pull them back. So how will they add infrastructure? So they give average service and not to the fullest. Its all the situation in India. People are satisfied with what they are getting, Govt. hampers their progress...

    Broadband concentration in India is very low, therefore in overall basis people cannot wish what they deserve because of economical reasons with the ISP.

    We should wait for 3G for many years because 3G requires a market base.
    They have paid for 3G license in millions of bucks. People are still using phones like Nokia 1110 and still purchasing them.
    To bring something in market you first see the risk involved in it.
    Unique ID cards is related to something that our dear politicians dont want to come. By help of Unique IDs, corruption cases of many kinds like election cheats, local ID cheats, infiltration, illegal businesses will be eradicated. But a part of politicians take it against their secular votebank which they have imported from past all these years, now that will not continue, so they are ditterring UID to happen.
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  15. dsai588

    dsai588 New Member

    Yes of course a huge initial investment is needed, but once they are done with it, the data transfer/bandwidth charges doesn't cost much.....do you remember there was a plan to make BROADBAND FREE in India by '09 a few years ago...& then our IT minister changed.....then 2G scam & finally ALL SCRAPED as of now.
    But actually it's not just with Indian Gov.'s corruption, when the number/network independence system was about to come last year or this years' beginning - even that was delayed by the Pvt Companies - one after another they delayed it by 2 months or so & it's still not clear when will we get it. Network independence will be a major factor to bring actual growth in India's telecom sector...

    *update: for reference:

  16. mickey

    mickey New Member

    Network independence will kill small/new players like AIRCEL, DOCOMO, Etc. and will make monopoly market for already sucked-us-fully players like IDEA, AIRTEL AND VODAFONE. Thats why I think thats not good idea to have that..

    I dont think Indian ISPs have earned like AT&T, VERIZON, OR VODAFONE (U.K) OR JAPANESE cos. that they can give you as for now, they don't have full infrastructure.

    3G needs a more progressive market, and not a market where people still use old gsm mobiles. 3G is advanced, Wimax is advanced.

    ok friend i got to sleep now..

    very nice talk with you.. constructive..:)
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  17. dsai588

    dsai588 New Member

    but i have my exam tomorrow so cannot sleep right now :)

    Anyway, to continue it... ;)

    I don't think having a few major players is anything bad for us...
    In fact rather than having MORE of selfish players I think we should have LESS number of selfish players, who CANNOT show their selfishness due to the fear of network independence: I mean you as a customer can warn them anytime that by just paying 20 bucks i am going to give a divorce to you & will hook up with my new partner (& will live in the same address) :p so better treat me well :D

    Well, if you want to talk about the profits these companies are earning....then the loss figures are of course FAKE, and I hope each one of us knows it....
    Remember when Lalu showed a profit of crores in Railways (which we ALWAYS expected after seeing ALL-BOOKED trains, and people travelling on train-roofs).........Mamta ji came and showed a straight LOSS ....i mean not a simple correction in the balance sheet rather you are taking the figures positive to negative & that too in crores.....

    Same is the case in Telecom too.....each & every company is making profit whether it's Pvt/Gov....but that money is just settling in their own swiss accounts.... :(

    Regarding 3G:
    We never expected a rickshaw puller to carry a 2G mobile phone in their hands....similarly it's quite diff. to foresee the actual numbers of 3G subscribers right now.....but actually if you pay attention to the HUGE BID amounts paid the network giants, I think you can get a idea how much demand they are expecting for 3G.....& i don't think anybody else can better estimate those figures. And moreover 3G phones are not that costly, already came down to around 5-6K i guess....and demand and competition further increases it may soon come down to 2-3K too i think.

    3G is not advanced - we are lagging behind...and that's all because we are dragged back by our dear unqualified & uneducated politicians :p :(

  18. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i meant 3G is advanced and wifi advanced in Indian perspective.. for us its advanced.. i still get "G" shown in place of "E" most of the small towns..

    we are living in the starting times of 2k.. world is surpassing us like always.

    well well well.. now its time for the gn.. thanks be happy..:D
  19. ironcross77

    ironcross77 New Member

    I was about to open a new thread on how BAD tata broadband service is but found this thread already. Got my Tata Photon Plus connection on 9th Sep 10. For the first month the speeds were around 2 Mbps. From October onwards it came down to 10-20 kbps (remember dialup five years back). Tried their customer service. The person on the otherline made me do a speedtest. Just quoting the discussion after that:

    Tata : "Sir, the speed you are getting is well within acceptable limits"

    me : "What do you mean?"

    Tata: "Sometimes due to high traffic congestion you will experience slow speeds"

    me: "I am getting this same speed throughout the day for a month"

    Tata : "You cannot expect us to provide good speed to all of our customers..."

    me : "You advertise 3.1 Mbps you should atleast maintain 1Mbps"

    Tata: "Sorry sir , the speed you are getting is within acceptable limits"

    me: "Ok, how can i surrender this connection ?"

    Tata: " For this you have to speak to our senior executive"

    me: "please transfer the line"

    Tata: "Please hold on"

    5 mins waiting....

    Tata: "Sir senior executive is not available. But i can register a complaint..."

    me: ok

    Tata: "Please hold on"

    2 mins waiting...

    Tata :"I am sorry sir.. a technical upgrade is going on...so we cannot register a complaint"
  20. dsai588

    dsai588 New Member

    I think for people living in Delhi, can go to Gaffar market (Karol Bagh) and get their Data Cards UNLOCKED.
    That means, they'll change the firmware and then one can use any other sim card in their data card.

    NOTE: This will make you lose your products warranty, OF COURSE.

    For others (Who are planning to buy a new DataCard):

    But Data Cards that are NOT LOCKED. So I would Suggest Micromax 310 or 350. Wherein one can put any GSM SIM card, just like a GSM mobile phone.

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