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Discussion in 'Tata indicom Photon' started by vikastyagi, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. vikastyagi

    vikastyagi New Member

    I have recently purchased Tata Photon Plus USB data card. It claims to have the speed upto 3.1 mbps but the speed i am getting is only 20kbps. Its just frustrating and nothing else. The customer care of Tata, no need to say they do not pick the call up untill u get frustrated. every time i make a call to customer care, i have to wait at least 10 minutes.

    Do you think a customer have such a patience to wait for 10-20 minutes just to talk to a customer care.

    Talking to a customer care executive is not less than talking to a Prime Minister or President.

    Never go for it!!!
  2. scoobz

    scoobz New Member

    this is why dont go for private service providers...
    BSNL is the best and more than satisfactory.
  3. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    Try calling them during odd hours like after 10PM for example or very early in the morning and they will pick your call within a few seconds.
  4. Tata Indicom

    Tata Indicom New Member

    Dear Customer

    Greetings from Tata Indicom!

    We apologize for the inconvenience you had to go through because of us. We earnestly request you to give us a chance to rectify our issues and serve you better.

    We request you kindly provide us your e-mail Id, Tata Indicom connection details or your alternate contact number to get in touch with you.

    Should you require any further assistance please mail us at Customer.care@tatatel.co.in .

    Thanks and Regards
    Customer Care
    Tata Indicom.
  5. saduser

    saduser New Member

    seriously tata is not worth giving a try. total loss of our hard earned money.
  6. skyscraper

    skyscraper New Member

    i just purchased the tata photon plus and here is the result

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  7. pshrinivasan

    pshrinivasan Member

    My cousin in Bangalore gets excellent connectivity and speed in Photon.
    There may be something wrong with your datacard, if you can find out the address of the Tata Indicom office in Delhi (I believe you reside in Ghaziabad) go there and create a scene so they will attend to your problem.
    The private sector is worse than the Public sector in India, surprisingly !
  8. anranga

    anranga New Member

    Pathetic Tata photon

    I have a tata photon mobile broadband in B'lore & the speed is pathetic. The download speed is .29mbps and upload is .06 mbps which is awful.

    Is there any other service provider who gives consistently better speeds? What about the new BSNL offers?
  9. abdulasif

    abdulasif New Member

    Miserable Tata Photon+ customer service

    Hi All,

    I was very hesitant to post my issue in this forum but Tata Photon+ customer service left me no choice. Tata Photon+ customer service turns out to be having reprehensible characteristics - no commitment, poor technical competency and shamelessness to repeatedly say sorry. I was using Tata Photon Plus post paid connection from December 2009 and I made switch to Prepaid in July 2010 as my usage got limited to travel.

    I raised a connection issue on 17 Aug 2010 and a complaint was registered against it. I got the error message while connecting "PPP link control protocol was terminated" and it doesnt connect to Internet. Later I got a callback and they recommended few steps which didnt work for me. After subsequent followup calls they asked me to visit a Tata Indicom Hub but they were clueless about what should be done and raised a case from their side on 24th Aug 2010. From then on it was a grueling campaign; I was a frequent caller to Tata Indicom Photon Customer Care centre as well as visited almost all Tata Indicom centres in Cochin without any progress on this issue. The sad part which really pissed me off was they never fulfilled any of their deadlines. I remember fews names like Jagan, Azad, Nimesh, Abdul etc. who made commitments to fix it by so and so date but nothing happened. And couple of days back I figured out that I am able to connect when I change the Network Settings to "1x mode only" though it is very slow. I visited Tata customer care centre and informed the same but they still sounded clueless as ever and raised another case.

    Today 15th Sep 2010, its almost 4 weeks, every time I call its the same old story, I feel miserable for being a Tata Photon+ customer. I would like to warn anyone who is considering Tata Photon+ prepaid; Beware you are on your own!!!

    Dear Forum users, please let me know how we can deal with such services whose office danglings say "Performance Guaranteed" and displays lot of customer commitments. Like they will do a call back if you wait on call for more than few mins; for me that few mins didnt come even after 25mins of wait today. So no thing is guaranteed except their "Hello" and abject "Sorry". In the end you will feel like "Hell" and "Sorry".

    Tata Photon+ Number: 9288099603
  10. holla

    holla New Member

    Dear Asif,

    I had a problem with Tata indicom eating up the minute I recharged, and after two months of shouting thru my throat, they resolved the issue. They gave back my eaten up bandwidth and also this returned bandwidth is valid until November. None of their recharge lasts more than a month.

    So finally I should say the issue was resolved to my satisfaction.

    It took me -
    - about a dozen telephone calls,
    - a couple of dozens of postings on the web
    - half a dozen emails to all known emails ending with ttsl.in
    - few minutes of telephone audio recording
    - few hours of converting the recorded audio into youtube postable video,
    - few hours of monitoring on the web forums for replies to my post,
    - and replying to those posts in such a way that it grabs people attention and at the same time pisses of a photon rep

    They solved my issue in just 65 days.
    I pray for you that may god inspire them to solve your issue in 5-6 days.

    All the best.
  11. dhiraj123

    dhiraj123 New Member

    please read this mail sent to
    To tata nodal officer

    no connectivity @ network
    dear sir .I am h c khurana and i am using photon plus connection since last 10 days and shamefully i have launched 3 complaints regarding network but i have not received anything from your side even your engg. have come 2 times but they say we cant do anything.please tell me what to do of your useless connection photon no is 9266622756 and latest complaint no is 236165345
    first tme your je came to me in res at moti nagar and after one hour he told me that i have checked all settiings and i cant do anything about slow connection . he also told me that tata photon is the worst among all companies "I even dont use it and prefer to use airtel. why did u buy this".
    i told this je named ganesh what to do . he told me better to buy airtel connection. i said what about 2400 rs for photon plus he told u never get anything back from tata and told me to complaint in customer care
    on sunday i launched 2nd complaint and your je came to my office address at kashmere gate. i tod him that signals here are zero of tata photon plus and he said tata signals are worst in kashmere gate and u will never get signals here . he also told me that our job is only to close complaint by fooling customers even if we have to tell anything
    for third time in front of your je i gave a complaint to your cc and they gave me a complaint no 236165345 and a message came to my phone that your resolve time for this complaint is 16 sep 5.46 pm and today i am sending this e mailon 17 sep and yet no body came to me
    then i called cc and there i had a chat with poornika ji . she was the most helpful in you tata photon and she assured me about prompt action and latest complaint no for that is 236460681 and i am again waiting for the resolution .

    please sir help me about this photon connection a i am losing lot of my work because of your connection .
    please contact h c khurana (9910630607)
  12. kbx911

    kbx911 New Member

    tata photon plus asshole customer service

    Tata and Relaince are frauds, i bought Tata Photon Plus and the salesman at the Surat Bhatar Road shop assured me that i will get 3.1 mbps if not then they will replace the device and give new one. It only gives 1 mbps and is **** costly the device itself costs 2.5k non refundable, now i want to break this piece of **** device but what a waste of 2.5k it would be. The customer service guy visited our office after complaint, he was so thankful that we did not bust his balls, he says that normally wherever he goes people yell and also beat him up. He was thankful that we spoke to him civilly. Basically he is hired to go to angry customers (all photon customers) and listen to them vent their anger. Then his job is to call his superior and put the angry customer on to phone to the superior who is tucked away in safety. The superior told us, like a ******* doucebag lawyer, quite simple that they have advertised the service as "UPTO" 3.1 mbps, and that it doesn't mean we will always get 3.1 mbps. That mothefucker, the tone in which he said this made me want to rip his throat out. But that's why they send poor thin people to listen to angry customers while they sit comfortable in their cabins. ******* bastards all Tata, Ratan Tata, Reliance, Ambani, they become billionaires by cheating people like this, this one example shows how they must be cheating and circumventing logical and ethical rules. The phone leaks by radio just go to show how these fuckers bribe their way to higher profits at the cost of everyday Indians. They maintain such an air of dignity and build sky high mansions, in reality they are just a bunch of well dressed thugs who have no qualms about cheating people off their hard earned money. I hate Tata and i wish i had forgiven the bad service of BSNL when i went first to BSNL office to buy a USB internet device. Those idiots told us to come after lunch break and so we said **** this government ****, let's go buy Tata, even if more expensive at least we will be assured of good service and good internet speed. Look at teh service and look at the speed of the motherfucking tata bastards. ******* choots they are i don't have enough bad words to curse those assholes. Motherfucking Rata Tata bastard bhosdike, teri ma ki chut, bhenchod why do you cheat customers like this motherfucker, you should say it before we purchase that we will get 1mbps and not 3.1 mbps tmkc maadarchod bhosdike, you will die a bad death motehrfucker, clean up your acts you cheaters or the public will one day riot into your offices and lynch you.

    Karan Bhatia
    9820755747 / 0261 6555595 / karanjbhatia@gmail.com
    I dare you ******* customer service person of Tata, call me asshole, i will give you an earful, take my device back, give me back my 2.5k, money doesnt grow on trees you bastards, you cannot cheat people like this, chutiyas
  13. kbx911

    kbx911 New Member

    nothing solved and see their response, shameless assholes of Tata Photon +

    Without solving anything these assholes sent the below email, all they did was get some stupid exec to call and and get me to do some time timepass setting changes on the computer which resulted in no difference in the slow speed whatsoever, their device is not capable of giving speeds above 1.4 mbps yet they advertise 3.1 mbps, the truth is that they have oversubscrubed customers and it is not possible to give everyone 3.1 mbps, so it is like fitting 200 people in a train coach meant for 100 people, bloody assholes, i hate my country because nothing gets done to such cheat companies, i emailed the DoT guy and he simply pointed me to go to the DoT website, he is paid by Tata as Tata lists his email id on their Site, all chors, shameful

    Dear Mr. Karan Bhatia,

    Greetings from Tata Indicom!

    This is in reference to your complaint number 224818 regarding your Tata Indicom number 9227855796.This is a confirmation that your request has been resolved.

    We deeply regret the inconvenience caused to you and promise to provide you with superior and eminent personalized service.

    For any assistance please feel free to call us at 121 our 24x7 Customer Care toll-free number from any Tata Indicom phone. We are also accessible from non Tata Indicom phones on 9227000121. You may also write to us at customercare.guj@tatatel.co.in

    (You being our Photon+ customer, can also get in touch with us on 1800-266-121 (Toll free). We shall be glad to be of assistance.)

    You can also get in touch with our Nodal Officer Mr. Nirlep Raval on 079-66558754 in case your complaint is not resolved in the stipulated time or you are not satisfied with the resolution provided.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Neha Jain
    Customer Care GUJARAT
    Tata Teleservices Limited
    Ph: 1726603510
  14. ajithv

    ajithv New Member

    Is Tata Photon Plus Service available in Kozhikode (Calicut),Kerala??
  15. dhiraj123

    dhiraj123 New Member

    tata awarded worst service in an online poll

    good na?
  16. bhanuprasad1981

    bhanuprasad1981 New Member

    on average i get 1mbps speed during day and 128kbps speed in night, what a shame on tata whenever i try complain they simply say our speed is "upto" 3.1 mbps i thought i may atleast get 1mbps, lol even gprs on my mobile is better than photon+ at night :p
  17. pksmsam

    pksmsam New Member

    look ur tata photon software it's select network is TATA PHOTON WIHZ.Change it into hybrid then surf buddy.
  18. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    are you sure your area is covered under the EVDO service area? not all part of NCR is covered.
  19. manishamalik2051

    manishamalik2051 New Member

    Tata's mobile

    Dear Mr. Tyagi...try this no...1800-266-121 for Tata's Photon Customer Care. They will answer your call in no delays..coz I am a regular user of this no.
  20. Pranavp

    Pranavp New Member

    Same problem tata photon speed 150 kbps

    I have recently purchased Tata Photon Plus USB data card. It claims to have the speed upto 3.1 mbps but the speed i am getting is only 20kbps. Its just frustrating and nothing else. The technical reason they gave is that my area of living is not covered under HSIA network and i wont be able to get speed more than 150 KBPS. I am paying bill for PHOTON PLUS where as getting speed of PHOTON whiz...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can you please let me know where to approach for this problem.*

    They refuse to solve it!!!

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