TATA Photon 2.4Mbps quality of service

Discussion in 'Tata Indicom broadband' started by jason21, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. jason21

    jason21 New Member

    Hi Guys,

    Tata has introduced the new EVDO connection called Tata photon in our state. It claims to have a speed of 2.4Mbps and the Rs1500 plan gives us unlimited internet. This is fantastic

    However i have gone thru a torrid time earlier with their dsl connection. Is their anyone who has used this and can claim that its good to go for. I will be switching from my current home 500 bsnl plan which is excellent.
  2. cool_techie_tvm

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    Isnt BSNL providing the same EVDO service for 550/- per month? Maybe u can try that connection too.

    Evolution-Data Optimized - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    One of the main difference is that it is wireless connection.

    EVDO works on the WLL platform. So Tata might not face much issue with regards to EVDO. Similar trends can be seen with Reliance too.

    The above mentioned Tata's service lies in the same category.

    My opinion. Stick to H500. It is a wireline connection. The stability and reliability of a wireline connection can never be matched with a wireless connection. At least in India.
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  3. saurav_k

    saurav_k Guest

    what is EVDO connection? how is it different from normal broadband?

    thanks ... i didnt at all knew about this thing

    here is the official link to the tata indicom's photon service details ..
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  4. Gary4gar

    Gary4gar New Member

    THis is only available in chennai city limits:(

    There are other reasons also!
    *Availability is limited for Evdo
    *Speed is always variable
    *Torrents and Rapidshare don't work on EvDO
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  5. panchabhut

    panchabhut Active Member

    Is it legal for any Pvt. telco to provide EVDO service within the scope of exisitng licence?

    There's nothing as WLL. Its a virtual concept created by the DOT. Its basically CDMA 2000 only.
    Reliance, TATA, BSNL all work on the same CDMA platform. but BSNL calls it WLL because they use the Landline numbering pattern and restrict roaming within the SDCA only. Reliance originally started with the Landline numbering pattern but shifted to mobile numbering scheme (without any change in technology).
    As far as I know, Reliance/TATA earlier introduced the push-to-talk on the CDMA-EVDO base only but withdrew it quoting some regulatory issues.
    BSNL provides data on CDMA-EVDO but does not allow voice in such connections.

    Does the TATA EVDO card support roaming (in 1x mode since EVDO is not available in other cities)
    And any news of Reliance coming out with similar offering?

    I have used BSNL EVDO and believe me, its no match for a wired connection. the only advantage is the unlimited option at low price. ohterwiser, there are variations in speed due to signal strength, shared IP and other issues.
    Don't know about photon, but since its based on the same tech, must have similar problems.
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  6. dada_indigom

    dada_indigom New Member

    Hi Guys...

    I am planning to switch my connection from Home 500 (BSNL) to Photon, should i go for it ? Plz share some experience of Photon, if anyone....

  7. puchu

    puchu Member

    My opinion ,if you don't have any problem with your home 500,stick to it for some more time.Just wait .See if the speed persists after the no of users increases, check with the users that if the torrents are working properly(torrents are the major problem with these EVDO devices)
    The device costs 3500/- and


    How did you measure the speed ?

    Try downloading something using IDM or DAP (or use any good download manager),atleast 20-30MB file or more and see the speed, that is the actual speed .

    I feel that you should wait for a while and see if it provides the promised speed after the no of consumers increses.Because these all are shared networks and you might not get today's speed after 2 months.As the device comes at 3500/- and rental of 1500/- per month,so you won't like to spend on something which would work just for a month or two.

    Is there anybody who is going to file case ,as I think this is cheating ?
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  8. Saravanan7

    Saravanan7 New Member

    I suggest you do not go for it. I purchased 2.4 Mmbps Photon 800 Plan in last week of Feb2009. I am using it in my home, Tambaram, Chennai. I am totally not satisfied with this. I am getting only 200 to 300 kilo bits per second in Tamabram and 500 to 600 kbps in Raja Annamalai puram. This is when I got connected in full speed HSIA mode at full signal strength. Consider the case with 1x it drops to 20 to 30 kilo bits/s. Now a days I am experiencing intrruptions and often it is slipping to 1x mode. Connection speed is not steady. When I personally contacted the staff at Tata Indicom office at West Tambaram, they told me that yes it varies from tower to tower. 2.4 Mbps is the full strength of the device but not the connection. So, beware 2.4 mbps is equipment speed. When I asked the sales person in the shop before signing application he told me that Yes you will get not less than 1.5 mbps. They are hiding the fact that it is a post paid connection.

    I have purchased Tata Indicom 2.4 Mbps Photon 800 plan in the last week of Feb 2009. I asked the sales person of the shop before signing the application about the speed that I will get. He told me that I will get not less than 1.5 Mbps. To my suprise, the download speed is not going beyond 300 kilo bits/s. I am not at all satisfied with this connection. Even after getting connected with HSIA at full singnal strength, I am getting only 200-300 kilo bits per second in my area Tambaram, Chennai. I tested in Raja Annamalai Puram, Chennai here I am getting 500-600 kilo bits/s. Now a days I am encoutering frequent connection drop outs that too connection mode slips to 1X mode. Sunday night it drops to 30 to 50 kbps. Speed is not constant. When I questioned the staff at Tata Indicom office at West Tambaram about speed they replied that 2.4 mbps is the speed of the device not connection. So, beware 2.4 mbps is the full strenght of the modem, not connection speed. On top of this sales people are hiding the fact that it is a post paid connection. What you will do with the device when your ISP is dead slow.

    I am measuring speed using 'DUmeter' or dslreports speed test

    Yes. I did. I did using metaproduct's download express with 6 threads. I have downloaded my laptop's drivers which are above 50 mb each. Even I increase the downloading threds from 6 to 10, speed is not going beyond that level.

    First thing - wireless connection is not as reliable as wired connection. Tata Indicom Photon's maximum bandwidth is 2.4 mbps as they are advertising. Now compare 300 kbps with 2400 kbps. Dont you dissapointed.
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  9. vasukinv

    vasukinv New Member

    Which is your state, mate?

    I think it's launched in B'lore, too..
  10. krackzer

    krackzer New Member

    In north-east mizoram, Tataindicom lunch photon(HSIA)! one of my friend is using Hi-Speed unlimited plan rs-/1500 monthly charges! he download one torrent file.. @300kbs and that depend on time.. like around 3:00Am speed get fast he said... what i wanna to know is that .. this thing is new to us. so they have like 40 customer.. dont know exact. so im thinking changing my bsnl home++ unlimited 750 to this new tech.. !! pliz explain more about.. this new tech.. is it going to be reliable..
  11. wrijub

    wrijub New Member

    Tata Indicom has lowered the monthly rental for Unlimited from Rs. 1500 to 1250/- (and thats not the bad news)

    This is:

    There is a Free Usage Policy: After 15 GB pay Re 1 per additional mb :eek:
    Reliance is worse

    While the monthly rental for unlimited pack is 1099. The FUP limit is only 10GB and Rs. 2 per additonal mb :eek::eek:

    Why do they bother to bring out such schemes with fine print.....
    BSNL has not mentioned anything, but if this is a TRAI regulation then even they are bound to join the FUP club :rolleyes:

    No sir this is india

    corporate houses will end up bribing politicians to make sure their policies run smoothly

    lets wait and see what kind of fine prints arise when 3G comes into play
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  12. AmitTeli

    AmitTeli New Member

    Nice Reply dude, anyways, i was thinking to shift to BSNL EVDO, since they said its just a data card/NIC like Reliance, but after reading the posts and wikipedia link, i fear i'll have to buy another WLL/CDMA device:eek:

    And whats the speed i can expect from BSNL EVDO??:48:
  13. Shobhit_Kumar

    Shobhit_Kumar New Member

    No. This service is available in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, Chennai, Jammu and Kashmir and the North East States!

    I wouldnt suggest you to shift. Maybe you havent received the desired speeds yet, but wait for some time. the product has just been launched, but Im sure Tata wont disappoint its customers.

    Yes it has been launched in B'lore as well.

    The reviews from users have been very satisfactory! And in comparison to the other EVDO service providers, Tata is leading!!!

    Everyone has taken up the FUP policy now. So its not just Tata to blame.
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  14. nivin

    nivin New Member

    not unlimitted

    hey hey not unlimitted:(

    They are offering A unlimitted plan @ 1250 p/m but data transfer is limited to 15 gb:22:

    this is another **** from tata:eek::eek:
  15. sahiltanwar

    sahiltanwar New Member

    I used this yesterday, and i luvvvvvvv the speed. its was FANTASTIC!!!:D I couldnt beleive wireless connection could give such high speeds, specially after using Relinace netconnect I had started hating all wireless connections. But Tata has done a brilliant job:14:
  16. nooty2007

    nooty2007 New Member

    Can u tell whats the speed ??
  17. speedhost.in

    speedhost.in Guest

    so, has someone actually used the tata photon? is it any good?
  18. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    gsm mobile internet

    hi guys,

    how about surfing using our normal GSM connections? using plans like 499/Month and unlimited usage?
  19. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    can anyone say which braodband connection suits me well????

    i got a serious problem guys

    i used to download torrents using a local broadband provider with a speed of 30kbps------14 or 10 hours to download a movie @500ruppes per month

    after seeing the damn cheating ads of bsnl with the greed of getting 250kbps speed i have switched to bsnl broadband of plan 750 unlimited....to my worse iam getting same 29 or 30 kbps download speed from torrents even with lot of seeders...........

    iam feeling i have wasted all my pocket money in switching to bsnl 750 unlimited........

    should i now switch to bsnl 500plan to get speed atleast at night times

    or is it best to switch to tata photon plus

    iam living in vijaywada==andhrapradesh

    guys need a help here...!!!!!!!!


    help me--------

    personal experinces are appreciated.............
  20. talktoanil

    talktoanil New Member


    Its your mistake. You have not read the plan details on website. UL 750 gives 256Kbps speed and hence download speed of Max 32Kbps. So its PURELY YOUR Mistake. don't blame others for your mistake.

    Yes You should and should also read threads in BSNL STICKY section for sure else you will again blame for HUGE bills

    No. Just check if torrents work on it properly and they have UL plans. I am not sure about it.

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