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    Are you having problems with Tata DOCOMO GPRS? Don’t worry you are not alone people face a variety of problems with regard to Tata DOCOMO GPRS Settings. For some people it does not work and others do not even receive the settings. Many are the problems for users who eagerly try to use their GPRS in their Tata DOCOMO phones.
    If you are having any of the above problems with your Tata DOCOMO GPRS Settings then you need to check the following. First of all you should have a handset that is GPRS enabled. With Tata DOCOMO you should get your GPRS settings automatically by default as soon as you switch on your mobile phone that has GPRS facility. You will receive your GPRS settings in the form of a message and make sure that you save that message by pressing options. Some people by mistake will delete this message and if you delete this message without saving it you will not be able to use DOCOMO GPRS. These settings are supposed to tell your phone where to look for an active connection for internet browsing.

    Here are the settings that you will normally receive from Tata DOCOMO.

    Connection Name: [you can name your connection with any name of your choice]
    Data Bearer: GPRS
    Access Point Name: TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET
    Connection Security: Off
    Session Mode: Permanent

    You will not require any special username or password to browse the internet with your Tata DOCOMO connection. You must make sure to have the connection security in ‘Off’ mode otherwise you will have problems.
    If you have saved the settings properly you will not have to enter these settings manually. In case you have deleted the settings message by mistake you can make use of the above settings manually by creating a new connection in your mobile phone. The method to create a new internet connection will vary from mobile phone to mobile phone. So refer your mobile phone manual in case you are not sure how to create new GPRS connection.
    Very often people make the mistake of trying to go online as soon as they save the settings or create the new settings. In most phones, the settings will work only when you switch off your mobile phone and switch it on back. The new settings will become effective only when your phone loads the new settings when you start your mobile phone again.
    Now you can try to browse the internet using your GPRS enabled phone. As of now DOCOMO does not have any unlimited GPRS packages, they charge 1 paisa per KB. If you are use post paid connection you can get 100mb package at Rs. 99 per month. Browsing in Tata DOCOMO home network and Tata DOCOMO National roaming network are free. You will be charged only for downloads in these networks.
    Those who have tried Tata DOCOMO feel that the speed of GPRS connectivity in Tata DOCOM is excellent.
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    Tata docomo gprs

    Do they provide any Daily rental GPRS plans like others.
    Many people believe that Docomo network is not good, if they are providing gprs what would be the speed.
    Mobile phones
  3. rajeev.0055

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    DOCOMO is one of the worst GPRS

    I used it for 2 days without any pack it worked properly after that I activated for 95Rs/month then it worked for 2 days but was giving problems in night times that is after 11pm... from 3rd day onwards its completely dead... no connection... i have spoken to 7 times escalated the call to supervisor still no solution

    MY advice is dont go for DOCOMO... completely worst in India

    I am facing problem from past 12 days.... i have complained to Nodal officer also by name meera but still no resolution....

    and for the internet connectivity problem they are giving resolution as " It is charged as per the tariff "

  4. gaggan4392

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    It`s network is not much good everywhere.......
    So wait till it`s network spreads.:mad:
  5. rajeev.0055

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    crappy cheater DOCOMO is they did not give my money back nor that a**H*** nodal officer care to respond now... wasted my 98Rs then another 30Rs in calling her every day
  6. rajw

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    docomo GPRS

    I had use the docoma GPRS it work but after , I purchased the GPRS pack it didn’t work till naw………….DON’T USE DOCOMO GPRS………..
  7. rajeev.0055

    rajeev.0055 New Member

    well said rajw

    same problem with mine too. wasted my 98Rs for nothing and now they are not even refunding my money back also. calling and mailing number of times has wasted my time coz not even once i got a reply with solution

    all people working in DOCOMO are **** vampire
  8. PR@JW@L

    PR@JW@L Guest

    i have onida g480 mobile phone.how can i activate the tata docomo gprs on my mobile?
  9. ashokhaii

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    Hello Rajiv don,t worry !!

    I too faced same issue when I tried to connecct internet from my PC via my Nokia 6212c Mobile. and I got same negetive respose from docomo cust care.

    I am happy to inform you all that After googling I got correct settings and able to access internet from my PC via internet
    Settings shown below

    Goto menu, Settings/Connectivity/Packet Data/Packet Data Settings

    Active access point = Tata Docomo (You can edit it)

    CLICK Edit Active access pt.

    CLICK Packet data acc. pt.


    TDC Mobile GPRS

    Now you go back and try to connect using dial-up. you should access internet. happy surfing
  10. psd_prasad

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    needed settings for n72

    i am using tata docomo gprs plan unable to connect in gprs in n72 but connected in nokia 9300
    give settings for n72
  11. hrishikesh

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    i cant activate my GpRs acc.
    I have contacted cust. care and asked for settings but they replied they cnt send me da settings.
    i havnt received any automatic settings
    I m using XPERIA X10
    can any1 help???
  12. payal.sharma

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    Hey thanx frnds i needed this.

    please help me promote my website
  13. abhishek5243

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    hey even ihave the same problem using android 1.6 with videocon zeus and the customer care donot have gprs settings any help ??

    SHRINIDHI New Member

    I hav maxx mx470 mob. I manually saved all settings then too it shows gprs not subscribed. I sent messages to 52270 bt then too i did'nt receive any settings. I hav used docomo internet wit other sim card bt this is nt the case wit my new card.wht should i do??????????????:(
  15. mickey

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    you should check you have minimum Re.1/- in balance.
    never used and seen max mobile but i guess its also has MTK o.s, so heres what you have to do.. .
    Go back to SERVICES==>WAP==>SETTINGS==>EDIT PROFILE==>EDIT any existing account-==>


    data account:tatadocomo[which will be created in your data account ]

    Connection Type:HTTP==> (do remember you have to http, not wap)
    Proxy Address:dont write here from your side..
    Proxy Port:8080

    i guess you already have fed the data account..

    i am very sorry but i dont have a chinese set right now with me.. or would have told you easily..

    but the main problem is http.. make sure it is http type data ac and not wap type.. :)

    over to you..

    --list of wapsites for your phone--

    wap.indiatimes.com(paid content)
    wap.inbox.lv(for email)
    images.google.com(shorcut url for wallpaper search)
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2011
  16. chaitanya58

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    Tata Docomo GPRS on Samsung Galaxy Ace -Problem Solved !!!

    Hi frndz...am using Samsung Galaxy Ace. I am on 48/- Docomo GPRS pack.It worked fine initially but stopped suddenly saying 'Network Unavailable'. I checked so many blogs but of no use.
    At the end...I got it done myself....Just wanted to share as somebody could get helped.
    Just 'Restore Default' for APN in Settings->wireless and networks->'Mobile Networks'->Access Point Names.
    Switch off and on the mobile.
    Now check 'Use Packet Data' in Settings->wireless and networks->'Mobile Networks'.

    Now you should be able to use the internet..:)
    Have a nice day.
  17. mickey

    mickey New Member


    it would be great if you can share your solution with the people in a new thread also:)

    welcome to the forum... be productive and entertaining:)
  18. ankitbhat

    ankitbhat New Member

    docomo works good for me altleast it gives better speed than other gprs providers like aircel and idea and its plans are also much cheaper comparitively
  19. haradeep

    haradeep New Member

    I use Tata Docomo, I bought a separate sim(6 months 500MB) for it.

    I use it in my data card. It works fine.
  20. anushri

    anushri New Member


    plz help me out.my net is not working 4m last 4 days..custmer car is nt helping me..plz tell me what to do...1st 2 dys after taking number worked fine..but 4m last 4 days its nt working..my email id is anushri.gupta2@gmail.com...plzz help me:(:(

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