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Discussion in 'Nokia' started by SpArK, Dec 28, 2007.

  1. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    Everyone !!:)

    Have u seen Nokia 888

    Take a Look


    The Nokia 888 concept


    For More information Visit
    Nokia 888


  2. Badshah

    Badshah New Member

    Oh man, is this a mobile? I thought the below one as Platinum bracelet... lol. Nokia rocks!!!
  3. xwhyz

    xwhyz New Member

    Wow, what is that, is that really a mobile or some metal sheet or a bracelet as some one suggested here. This looks really awesome. When are they planning to launch it, is it going to be available in india. I can sense the price is going to be out of reach for most. But really nokia is innovating!
  4. nansurabhi

    nansurabhi New Member

    its a concept phone
    and i dun think will ever come to market
  5. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    lolz one of my friend got it

    it will come in india soon !!!
  6. Error

    Error New Member

    Wow... this one really looks cool. Is this one comming to India any time soon. I really like this one and just one thing... do we wear this one on our wrist?
  7. Message

    Message New Member

    This is something cool...... I am surely going to get my hands on this one whenever it comes to market.
  8. Peace

    Peace New Member

    This is nice... if we would have these kinds of handsets ... or armsets .. dont know what i call them but what ever they are them i am sure that it future communications would be a lot better.
  9. Jupiter

    Jupiter New Member

    I just done get one thing ... which one is the cell phoen.. is that the above one or the one which had been explained below if the Nokia 888.
  10. Register

    Register New Member

    I think the above one which had been shown in different pics is the Nokia 888 as the below pics don't looks like a handset.
  11. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    Below pic is the The future of mobile phones
  12. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    The future of mobile phones

    The future of mobile phones


    I was writing earlier about the Nokia 888 concept phone, that got me thinking. It would be interesting to take a look at the direction mobile phones are heading so I searched around the Web and here’s what I’ve found.

    What you see above is just a concept phone designed by Tao Ma, but it just might be the future also. As you can see the phone has no display so no text messages or internet access, but it does have a integrated MP3 player. The way I see it phones like this will be created in the future, as science evolves.

    Electronic devices become more specialized and for ladies such phones that can double for a bracelet could be the perfect choice. Also businessmen would choose a device able to perform their daily tasks, as Internet connection, performing office tasks, etc. On the other hand young people would enjoy phones with functions similar to PSP or other portable gaming devices. The way I see it, the future has a phone for each of us.

    I got this from
    Google Image Result for http://www.our-picks.com/wp-content/uploads/2007/03/concept_phone.jpg

  13. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

  14. Rick

    Rick New Member

  15. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    well its all ready launhced china side coz my friend got it and i have seen it too its really Kool :cool: dont know when it will come in india :confused:
  16. saheli

    saheli Guest

  17. SpArK

    SpArK New Member

    ya it is mobile :p
  18. Chakde_Airtel

    Chakde_Airtel New Member

    Bawla hai Ke

    Ya bhi kuch phone hai ke
  19. jigu

    jigu New Member

    let me clear one thing.

    these r future phones.

    nokia arranged phone designing competition & these pictures show phone from that competition. nokia haven't made this type of phone yet.

    may be in near future.
  20. SmoothVibes

    SmoothVibes Super Moderator Staff Member

    what a funny phone... :D

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