Tablet Vs Laptop

I am currently using a desktop computer and wish to purchase a new laptop or tablet, but have not used either one of them. Please can forum members suggest me whether it would be better getting a laptop or tablet. I would like you to mention the pros and cons of using each.
My requirements are not much as I would be using the device for checking emails and browsing the internet, and sometimes downloading songs, so nothing heavy. Please also suggest a good brand, because I know there are many brands for tablets and laptops, but I do not know which one would be suitable for these devices.

Thank You.
It depends on easy you would find using a tablet. If you will be typing a lot and would find it suitable and easy on a tablet, and wont need a disk drive then you can go for a tablet. If you think you may need to use a CD or DVD for something and have a lot of typing then go for a laptop.