Superb Speed At Tata Docomo Internet

Discussion in 'Tata Mobile' started by wapkerala, Feb 22, 2010.

  1. wapkerala

    wapkerala New Member

    Hai Friend In Using Mobile Internet From LAst 3 YEars I HAve USed Different Operators For Using A Gprs At Affordables Prices But One Of The MOst Problems Was Speed Of The Gprs When I HAve Try To Connect The Pc It Moves Like A Snail At LSt I HAve Buyed The NEw Sim From TATA DOCOMO I HAve Connected It To Pc I Was Astonished Unbelivable Speed Similar To Speed Of Bsnl BroadBAnd 750Rs Unlimted Plan
    Im GEtting Around
    Download Speed =38Kbps to 40Kbps
    Upload Speed =25kbps
    So Guys TATA DOCOMO ROCKSssssssssssssss
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  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    750 Rs.??isnt it costly??
  3. rajeev.0055

    rajeev.0055 New Member

    TATA DOCOMO is one of the worst GPRS

    I have activated 95Rs pack on my mobile on January 28 and till date no connection all that I get is " PACKET DATA NOT AVAILABLE " I have booked complaints exactly 9 times and spoke to supervisor 5 or 6 times and got fed-up then I started complaining to the so called NODAL OFFICER from past one week and that NODAL OFFICER A**HOLE is still to solve my issue and everytime she tells "Give me time sir I will resolve by today evening

    People Trust me it is one of the worst service i am getting

    and all the resolution i got for booking complaint 9 times is " Dear Customer It is charged as per the tariff " I still have saved those messages as a proof
  4. Mukthar

    Mukthar New Member

    TATA DOCOMO is one of the worst GPRS

    Hi!You can send your tata docomo connection details at and get your issue resolved
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  5. wapkerala

    wapkerala New Member

    If You Have Getting The Error Message Main Of The Problems Will Be Pointing Is
    1)Their May Be Some Errors In Ur HandSet Configuration Settings
    2)Thier May Be SomeTimes Occurs Network Packet Data Switching Congenstion On Server
    3)Their May BE Insufficent Balance In Your Mobile
  6. rajeev.0055

    rajeev.0055 New Member

    Thanks Mukthar . last chance i will send one mail and hope they will resolve the issue coz DOCOMO Nodal officer is a crap A**hole and those back end people are not cared only
  7. mickey

    mickey New Member


    can i know your mobile model and how do you connect your computer to the phone??
  8. harish8

    harish8 New Member

    Docomo mobile access

    Hell Rajiv

    I too faced same issue when I tried to connecct internet from my PC via my Nokia 6212c Mobile. and I got same negetive respose from docomo cust care.

    I am happy to inform you all that After googling I got correct settings and able to access internet from my PC via internet
    Settings shown below

    Goto menu, Settings/Connectivity/Packet Data/Packet Data Settings

    Active access point = Tata Docomo (You can edit it)

    CLICK Edit Active access pt.

    CLICK Packet data acc. pt.


    TDC Mobile GPRS

    Now you go back and try to connect using dial-up. you should access internet. happy surfing
  9. funnyguys

    funnyguys Member

    hey iam using docome internet last 1 week, here iam facing some problem ie when browsing some pages it does nt load some images, whats the problem for ex : this image is not opening it shows like broken. i used in firefox,ie,opera etc. the same file will be openend by using broadband connection. any help pls
  10. anishniranam

    anishniranam New Member

    same experince.

    Comparing to Airtel Mobile office, Docomo is superb.
  11. jeevesh

    jeevesh New Member

    how can i connect samsung corby to laptop for internet

    any one can tell, how to connet samssung corby s3650 to dell laptop(windows7) for browsing internet. am using samsung new PC studio, in this airtel connected well for internet with speed 18 kbps, but when i connected with docomo sim it will not connected. It showing some error, please help me
  12. xaypatil

    xaypatil New Member

    try sending ACT INTERNET to 121 to start the service first
  13. upadhyay.minmay

    upadhyay.minmay New Member

    i have not used samsung pc studio but this might help
    in samsung new PC studio search for internet connection settings, then search for access point, if u get that change it to TATA.DOCOMO.INTERNET, if u didnt get the same , then u may have to create a new connection profile in samsung pc studio, while creating profile u will be asked to enter connection preferences, in those preferences u should only worry for access point(apn) which i wrote before for tata docomo, leave all other field as default.
    Save profile and try connecting through it. . . . . . . . U also have an option for connection via bluetooth
    see if that works 4 u
  14. jon08

    jon08 New Member

    Hello boss, it's similar of BSNL 750UL BB plan speed not GPRS cost.....
  15. debashish

    debashish New Member

    ;)I am using tata docomo rs15 plan in my nokia 7230 model and connecting it to my desktop . And when i use torrent its giveing me speed up to 30kbps.

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