suggest a 3g wifi router with a sim slot

Discussion in 'Bsnl 3g' started by Anurag Laha, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Anurag Laha

    Anurag Laha New Member

    I have a computer and a mobile and I want to use the 3g internet on both the devices via wifi, so can anyone suggest me a wifi router with a 3g sim slot?? I wont be doing any travelling, so I dont want any portable battery operated wifi dongle, a simple wifi dongle with sim slot is what I want...
    plz help...
  2. netzone

    netzone New Member

    There are many brands available in the market. But do not buy Indian brands, they are all worthless. I bought Leoxsys 3G USB Router(the company bases in Bangalore) but it is lying useless. It heats up quickly and the USB modem hangs up quite often. The company also sells router with simcard slot. But from my experience I am doubtful even this router would perform well. Don't be hurry. You search the forum postings and websites and select the best one. I would suggest you go for reputed brands like Huewai, D-Link, Netgear, etc. even if you may cost you little more.
  3. sarveshmotihari

    sarveshmotihari Tech Crazy!!

    Check out this thread...The router given in the thread also works with 3G USB Dongles..

    Routers For 3G
  4. sharang_3

    sharang_3 Guest

    micromax mmx400(comes with sim slot no need for data card) will set you back by 3200..or there's this chinese awesome product for 2000 bucks that acts as lan- wifi router too.. + its got a battery
  5. montsa007

    montsa007 New Member

    I purchased a TP Link MR3020 and tether internet from my usb based modem, it also accepts wired line and converts it into wifi :)
    Just google it, its priced at Rs. 1850/-
  6. dushie

    dushie Member

    using the same modem, it's pretty good, only negative point there is no battery backup
  7. sunny_dole

    sunny_dole New Member

    I personally like portable WIFI hotspots ( Huawei, Micromax, Alcatel) But these things have range problems. If you have a datacard buy an ASUS RTN13U vB1 Wifi router ( Not portable but excellent anf cheap ) priced around Rs 3000. It will be best buy. It doesn't have SIM slot.
  8. sajal

    sajal Member

    ASUS Mobile Router WL-330N3G , it's just the size of a credit card. 3g USB dongle plugs into it, making it a wireless hotspot. Apart from it's 3g sharing capability It's also a repeater, lan to WiFi, WiFi sharing etc, has got 6 functions. I got it around 2800 from ebay (got additional 250 off, 2550). It got good support from Asus, regular firmware updates etc.
  9. netcruiser

    netcruiser New Member

    Leoxsys 3G SIM Router


    I think ,may be your case is different ,I have been using Leoxsys USB Router since last two years and as of now no problem I m HAPPY WITH LEOXSYS , i have found leoxsys router from BANGALORE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT VOLVE BUS INSTALLED OVER ANDROID TABLETS ,and then i contacted them and purchase from there banglaore office,as of now there is no problem. I dont have idea about LEOXSYS SIM Router. One of my friend using HUAWEI 3G Router and 3G dongle and as u said hauwei is costly but that is also working well.I think may be your perticuler case is different as Micromax also having SIM router and that is also working well, i think there is no problem with INDIAN BRAND product.
  10. sadhu_s60

    sadhu_s60 New Member

    i use tp-link mr3240 ...worked with all kinda modem so far

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