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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by internetuser, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. internetuser

    internetuser New Member

    When I connect modem through splitter link vanishes. changed 2 splitters but no link while phone works with these splitters.
    bought new splitter still same problem.

    changed wires, tried all combinations but no success.
    checked modem speed at speedtest, speed came 1 mbps.
    even when i use directly sometimes there are problems (though not that frequent) sites don't load unless tried for sometimes. something like dns problems.
    for using net phone remains dead.
    if splitters are faulty then how come phone be working?
  2. samit

    samit New Member

    do any thing with phone line only after splitting ADSL link
  3. bsnl

    bsnl New Member

    You must be connecting wires to wrong ports. Check if phone goes to phone....adsl to modem and line to the mainline connection.
  4. Debmalya Paul

    Debmalya Paul New Member

    Check your previous modem also died like this...i think there's no problem in the splitter...may be its time to buy a new modem...

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