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    Steps in setting up Cyber café

    Internet cafes act as entrance point to the communication highway called the internet. Customers vary from students who need assistance for their research activities to professionals who travel and need access to the internet, and anyone else wishing to explore the internet.
    Outlined below are 10 steps and process of setting up you own internet café.

    Step #1 Create a business plan

    The very first thing you should do when setting up internet café is to create a business plan. A business plan is an essential part of the process in any business. If you want to raise capital, no investor or financial company will support you without a business plan. Moreso a good business plan will assist you to clarify your thinking and alert you to challenges that lie ahead.

    Step #2 Choose a Location

    The location where you internet café is situated really matter a lot. Choosing a good location can lead directly to a successful business, while a bad location can also lead directly to failure of the business. Note that locations near schools or colleges is a good tip because students are always busy on the internet.
    Also heavy traffic and accessible locations with parking space is a good avenue for an internet café business.

    Step #3 Create an Environment

    Next step in setting up your internet café is deciding on what kind of internet environment you want to create. Do you want to create a hip hangout, a relaxed comfortable settings or a fast paced environment? Take note of some important things you should consider; designs/decorations and additional services you want to offer.

    Step #4 Buy Equipment

    Computer systems(should high end and fast systems)
    Internet Access(should be high-speed broadband)
    Networks connectivity devices(cable, switch, router, printer, scanner etc)

    Step #5 Set up a Network

    You will need the service of a technician , a cisco certified networker should always handle such task for your local area connection setup and internet connection.

    Step #6 Purchase an Internet Management system

    After you have networks your system and up running , you then purchase an internet management system i.e the timer software.

    Step #7 Determine Your Charge Rate

    Be strict and friendly in this area and also depending on your total cost and the outfit of your internet café . Things you should keep in mind when creating a price structure. Internet access is becoming a lot more affordable and more people have internet access at their homes.
    Also compare your prices to your competitors. You do not have to copy your competitor’s pricing structure exactly but use it as a reference guide.

    Step #8 Promote your Internet Café

    Marketing and promotional strategy always help a lot attracting customers like giving bonus, advertising, distribute hand bills.

    Step #9 Stay updated

    When you own and operate internet café, you should always stay updated with new technology like installing the latest application software on your systems.

    Step #10 Retain Customer

    Once you have the internet café open for business, you will need to adopt a strategy to retain you customers as well as attract new ones. A good suggestion is for you to give discount to your customer as well as create a loyalty system plan and employ a good public relation.
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    well laid out.
  3. iChaitanya

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    Another important thing: Install 4-5 browsers on each PC and let the customer have the choice of selecting his/her favorite browser.

    The other day I went to a cyber cafe as my Home broadband was down. I sat in front of a PC which was quite up to date but it had only one browser - IE. This sucks. I told the owner of the cyber cafe but he didn't let me download and install Firefox (My favorite browser). I went to another cyber cafe and there firefox was installed on each and every PC.

    I don't understand why these cyber cafe owners are in love with IE. :mad:
    But still, thanks for the nice post.
  4. Rameshjeee

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    Now a days,internet cafe don't much such business as they used to make couple of years back.Most of them have broadband in their home now.
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    Well said iChaitnya. I would personally suggest for firefox, google chrome and apple safari browsers for the cyber cafes.
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    Nice contribution mylabur2u.. I award you a Rep point for sharing your knowledge with us.. :)
  7. ShAdOwCoN

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    Well that was very interesting ...... I too go when my BB is down to Cafes but only rarely ....
    Yeah i too think that there should be atleast 2 [minimum] browsers ....The other day i went to a Sify Cybercafe[sify i-way] and they had Windows 98 still installed in their sys ... :eek:
    Well that was a very nice Thread
  8. Rameshjeee

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    I would also suggest to install a CCTV.There have been many terror mail send these days.
  9. sb21pro

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    well these days they(c cafe) take a lot of details like ph no,address,id from their customers
  10. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    Yeah...but a a CCTV would be added security...I dunno much about its cost. If the owner has the capability,he can afford it.
  11. Jazz By The Bay

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    Which is the best internet management system software in india ???
  12. rkumbhar

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    Thanks yaar..

    In this season of recession i lost the job and as a business point of view I was planning to setup an cyber afe as well a "Gaming Drone"
    Thanks for the points.

    Between do you have any info for setting up a gaming drone.
  13. talktoanil

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    i would like to be your business partner :)

    i would like to be your business partner
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  14. superprash2003

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    well setting up a game drome can get very expensive, you need high end systems with some good monitors and mouse.. a nice environment.. the networking part is the usual.. a simple solution would be connecting your bsnl modem to a switch or a hub .. and hub to pcs.. or if you want you could also setup a gateway server...thats a little more advanced..once you have your LAN setup.. you just need to install the games on all pcs
  15. rock_star

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    Please help on start of cyber-cafe

    Hi All,

    I am planning to start my cyber-cafe business in a town in Jammu where I have the option for BSNL or Sify connection.

    I am very new to all this and hav no clue where to start this from. I have good computer kowledge but not able to start on this as I have queries below:

    I am planning to have 8 computers, one printer, Photo-copy machine.

    1) What ISP should i go for BSNL or Sify?
    2) What should be the speed I should ask from ISP so that all computers have good browsing and download speed.
    3) Is there any link that tells plans for speeds from these providers and what should be best for 8 computers.

    4) What computer configuration shall I look for? I dont intend to have any games.

    Please help me urgently. looking for experts advice .

    Many Thanks in advance.

  16. meetdilip

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    1. BSNL has the lowest & stable tariff of all .So if your concern is making money, BSNL will be a good choice.

    2. Speed depends on your requirement and competition. Make a simple research on the speed by other cafes there. If the competition is high, you can go for a 512 Kbps (minimum) to attract initial customers. You can change to a lower plan later (if the plan you chose is not economical).

    Please check the Business plans here.

    Since you do not intend games, you can even choose second hand systems (if you have a small budget to start with).
  17. superprash2003

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    2)I'd recommend a minimum of 2mbps for 8 pcs.. to start off go for a 10gb limit plan , and then monitor your usage for 3 months and then looking at the usage you can then change to the right plan.. Its hard to say in the beginning

    4)Since no games , you can go for a basic system.. i guess you get pcs for 9-10k now a days ( or even cheaper ) so you can go for a low end system..
  18. skap

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    google chrome still needs to come out of vulnerabilities and security issues. till then stay away from it!!
  19. ShAdOwCoN

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    PC config

    RAM : atleast 512MB (as customerss may want to use other applications on your computer

    Processor speed- P4 anything between 2-3 Ghz ... depends on your budget

    Hard Disk - A minimum of 40GB .... more if you plan to install a lot of software

    Monitor - 17inch crt is enough .....

    Graphic card - integrated will do ....

    i think i covered all the main points

    You may also want to look into some accessories such as USB extension cable ......

    Operating system - Windows XP

    If you plan to have a cyber cafe in which only surfing is allowed and you know how to assemble a computer ..... you can try buliding your own net-top ( A computer built only for surfing) using an Intel atom processor

    its dead cheap ( around 7000rs) and consumes very low power

    heres a sample 'How to' guide India > Guides > DIY > Build your own Nettop
  20. Shashi Shekhar

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    there r lot of good and free internet management software available on the net.SO i think one should go for free edition without wasting money.
    go to u could get it free and it's nice too.

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