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Discussion in 'MTS MBlaze' started by Arjun851, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. Arjun851

    Arjun851 New Member

    Is there any special offers on MTS data card and whats the max speed of MTS data card....
  2. Hi Arjun,
    Please visit letsbuy site for various offer on MTS Mblaze datacard online. Maximum Speed is 3.1 MBPS.

    MTS Customer Service India.
  3. montsa007

    montsa007 New Member

    MTS is the most horrible company to do business with.
    I have a Datacard (MTS Mblaze Prepaid) which was running absolutely fine for a year, lately (for the past 3 weeks) I get rubbish speeds (worse than a dialup), a 10 minute youtube video takes 30 minutes to buffer.
    I thought my data validity must have been over, so I recharged for Rs. 1298/- (15GB FUP), but I never got 3.1Mbps, I decided to chat with the customer care reps on web chat, who took my complaint, escalated it and I got a call, and I'm being tossed around like a ball in different hands. The chat support is kiddy, they ask me to delete cookies to get full speed.

    The most funny part is when a rep called me and said "Sir you have exhausted your data usage, and are put on 1x mode"
    I replied "Sir, can you imagine downloading 15GB at 15KBps in 7 days?", he called me back after 30 minutes and said "Sir you are correct, you have used 1.5GB worth of data, I'll put your issue in priority and will be resolved asap"

    Now am not sure when does this asap comes to an end, 1 thing I know for sure, I'm quitting MTS for good, making good posts about this issue wherever I can and asking all my friends to stay away from this company.

    For those of you who think my machine may have had a virus, I've formatted it twice (hard format) thinking the software maybe an issue, but I was wrong.

    Speedtest Results - speedtest(.)net/result/1924307588.png
  4. Hi Montsa,
    We regret the inconvenience caused. Please specify your Contact number so that we can contact you to resolve your issue.

    MTS Customer Service India

  5. montsa007

    montsa007 New Member

    I've contacted the chat support 'n' number of times.
    The excuses they make are

    -You have exhausted your 3.1Mbps usage and are put on 1x mode
    Can someone explain me how is it possible to download 15GB at 0.13Mbps speed, that too in 10 days?, after checking the chat executive told that it was a mistake and I have downloaded approx 1.5GB of data

    -Try on a different PC
    I've hard formatted my Hard Drive, installed a fresh copy of OS assuming I had a virus on my system. Only to get disappointed, even tried the data card on my office PC, but no luck.

    -Reinstall the drivers
    I did this, only to waste time

    -Your issue will be re-solved soon (and disconnects the chat)
    I'm paying for 3.1Mbps speed, not to hear some choppy stories that you have a server problem or your tower got burned or your mom was sick, its not my problem.

    I simply demand a refund of my payment of Rs. 1298/- which I did on 18th April, am not interested in using MTS anymore or hearing apologies for the inconvenience caused.

    My MDN Number - 9146799295
  6. Hi Montsa,

    Please provide your contact number so that our customer team will contact you ASAP.
    MTS Customer Service India
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