Source Ip & Destination Ip In Port Forwarding


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I came across a weird situation while tryin to port forward!
The router is asking for a source ip address & destination ip address. I know about the destinatopn ip that I have configured on the nretwork, and the port which needs to be opened, however how will I get the source ip!!

I wonder if this is the public ip of the ISP. If thats the case, it would change time to time. See the link below, . . .
This is my situation.

Techies, please see for a solution! Im waiting to configure eMule & my ipcam once this is sorted out :-(


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I would imagine you need a dedicated IP for this. I am sure there must be a way to deal with this using the current dynamic IP set up you have but I am not clever enough to advise you how to do this :) Its been a while since you posted so I am guessing that you already have the solution but if not then hopefully someone would reply :)