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Discussion in 'Dish tv' started by indcitz, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. indcitz

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    I am fed up with the DISH TV, I am a customer of DISH TV since 2008 Jan. In b/w I was facing problems, but taken it easy (because not causing much problem).

    WHen I came yeasterday to home to see the IPL on SONY MAX, all of sudden I was surprised..the channel is not being displayed.When I tried to reach customer you know how it works...tried for 45 min. literally and not being connected to any of the customer care nos.

    I didnt give up, again called at 11.30PM, luckyly connected after 15min. when I informed to exec., "till last week I was watching the channel and now I am not getting..(on week days I didnt check whether channel is displayed or not?) to see IPL.." then I got a wonderful response..saying that by mistakenly I would have been got the channel. In fact, my last recharge was in JAn-2010. It is valid up to March 15.

    At that time I have opted for SOUTH GOLD PACK with A-La-Carte. I still wonder because of cashing the IPL event..this fellows are without informing us..they are doing whatever they want..finally they are cheating the end customers..please be aware of this.

    Also I have observed one thing in my account, while degrading the package they are charging Rs 40..really this is bull sht* and its no where mentioned & charged it as hidden now I am hating the DISH TV..and planning to buy a new service provider.
  2. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

    I am sorry to see you suffer like this.

    As per the DishTV website, South Gold Pack you are eligible to get SET MAX channel. You should definitely fight on this.

    DishTV has no right to charge any free for changing plan (upgrading or degrading). I have myself changed packages a few times and I was never charged any amount. You can take this issue with them and seek clarifications.

    If you are not getting the services as promised, then you can file a case in consumer court also. Changing the DTH operator should be your last resort as you will incur cost of equipment (Dish/LNB, STB) and installtion all over again.


    I made a mistake. The South Gold package does not include SET MAX. So DishTV is right in saying that you are not eligible and if you were getting it earlier, it was a mistake. My suggestion is for you is to upgrade the package to South Gold Saver. This will cost you Rs. 60 more.

    But it is strange that the Gold package (for North India) includes SET MAX.
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  3. mickey

    mickey New Member

    very bad dish tv... :sad:
  4. neo001

    neo001 New Member

    Just to correct you, Dishtv South Gold Pack does not include SET MAX channel, May be by some mistake you are getting this channel. So Dishtv is right on their part and also the ececutive told you the correct thing.

    Further if you want Set Max channel then either you can upgrade your pack or You can go for Set Max channel alone as an ala-carte which cost you Rs.22 (Incl Tax) per month.

    Further if you downgrade your pack from higher to lower Pack then you will be charged Rs.40 for downgrading a pack which is package handling charge.
  5. ashashash

    ashashash New Member

    It had set max before.. but they changed it to a seperate A la karte pack because of IPL... They knew people r going to subscribe for sure
  6. neo001

    neo001 New Member

    No set max was not their in South gold Pack from begining.
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