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Discussion in 'Mac' started by MasterPuppets206, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. MasterPuppets206

    MasterPuppets206 New Member

    Since Mac OS X is built off of UNIX it has outstanding networking features. I use my old mac as a web server/file server in my own house, getting 20 MB a second from it (only if it's more than one file, otherwise it would go to only 8 MB). It's awesome, I can stream stuff to my DS, Netbook, Laptops, other computers, and even some phones around the house.
  2. tyler

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    Yes, I think one of the best networking features that I love from the Mac OS is the fact it has Netboot so you can keep a server with one image and be able to access that image from any computer in the house and don't have to keep all the files, settings, data, etc. all in sync.
  3. funguru

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    i did not know that about mac, i just bought a MBP and love it, though i have been using PC for over 15 years now, this is my first time switch so finding things a little difficult but getting there.

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