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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by ShaPlus, Apr 5, 2008.

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    I have released a bandwidth usage finder for new portal users of BSNL Broadband. It is a modified version of bandwidth usage finder for old portal.

    Download latest version from
    How to find Monthly Dataone bandwidth usage
  2. Admin

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    Thanks for providing such an excelent quality tool.

    Ive tried and tested a few tools on your site and I just love them all.

    Keep up the good work mate. I would also request our blogger friends to link to this tool and make it even more popular.

  3. ankithonda

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    TANMAY New Member

    Thanks mate for the wonderful tools you are providing.:)
  5. ShaPlus

    ShaPlus New Member

    Thanks for the feedback.

    ankithonda, BSNL has spilt the charged usage and non charged usage into 2 tables and current version of my software for new portal deals only with charged usage. So you check directly from BSNL site and see which side the mentioned entry is. If it is in charged section and login and logout time is within free time(your screen shot link is not working), you have to contact BSNL customer care.
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  7. nilaynashikkar

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    Wow...that new duf finder was cool!
    colourfull, with average usages, how much you can use etc etc nice nice :D
  8. vivekbanerjee77

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    Thanx for this very useful tool

    Thanx for this very useful tool. BSNL cheated me last month. I had to pay for what I was not using. With your software I will be able to keep track of BSNL's mischief. I hope you can help me with some more advice. I am trying to change my password on the BSNL's portal BUT it's giving me a certificate error. If you can help me I will be very grateful.
    Thanx again,
    Vivek Banerjee. :)
  9. Dear Shaplus It is a very nice software but it purely depends up on the serviceability of BSNL portal. If the portal is down then it is useless.
    Is it possible to design a software which will log the actual number of bits transmitted and received in a particular session.
    In bridge mode the status details of network connection shows the number of bytes sent and received. Can any method to retrieve the same and manipulate accordingly.
  10. anusheri

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    Dear part of Shaplus is u r able to chk ur usage from ne ISP...not necessary that it has to be BSNL connection only. I am able to chk my office as well as home usage from newhere.
  11. I mean to say that it is purely web oriented. ISP is not a matter . The software is retrieving the data from BSNL portal and manipulating the same in a presentable way. If the the BSNL portal BSNL - Broadband Account Management is down then the software will not work. This portal is not that much reliable.
  12. ShaPlus

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    There was bug in version for IP type 5x.x.x.x and it was not working in 2010. I have fixed it and released a new version (3.1)
  13. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Happy New Year 2010 to you.
    Glad to see your quick response.
    Sorry for mixing up DQUF of Sunish with yours.
    In my laptop your 1.3 version is in use always. Also with DataFox addon in Firefox
    browser, there was no need to check the other version. ( Using Home250)

    Para two:
    Now the NU data recording has been streamlined ( w.e.f 15th Dec 2009) and most users have reported , that the reading is shown correctly.
    Even if download starts earlier say at 0100AM and continues upto 0300AM , the meter splits the download 0100-0200AM and 0200-0300AM. ( zero count)
    Of course some "Bugs" are still reported.
    Same way at 0800AM.

    users of 117.xx.xx.xx
    abcd @, can check only in now. ( Hyderabad users different web site )
    To access the Usage page consumer number ( as shown in telephone bill )
    has to be entered. You may have to
    update the software for this option.

    Confirm, you are also giving a version for these users.

    screenshots etc, portalID, consumer number, etc , for testing I hope members will PM you.

    version for 117.xx.xx.xx
    BSNL Broadband Usage version 2.3.1 zip.
    Tested and working perfectly. with a Test ID/PW only.
    As I had tested earlier also the consumer number was stored/ registered in the portal page.

    117.xx Users trying afresh: kindly give feedback.
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  14. ShaPlus

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    Thanks for wishes. Happy new year to you and all users

    I have seen your posts many times recommending my softwares in this forum, thanks for that also..

    As you said, I have seen BSNL auto restarting session at NU changing times, this is good, so now NU users need not restart modem befor and after shifting time.

    I am also a 117.x.x.x.x user and I did not notice any need for consumer number to check usage. is it for hyderbad users only ?
  15. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    will post screen shot if needed.
    Hyderabad users 117.xx.xx.xx have to register in Self Care and access BB usage.

    Para two:
    Can also check usage if PortalId ?PW forgotten!
    Contributed by @vijaykhairnar of this forum.
    working fine with 8 digit consumer number
    shown in telephone bill.

    As it is will get blank XL page.
    If consumer number is entered XL page will show all details. Save it.
    subsitute carefully Jan ( for Dec)
    and Unbilled for this month. and year 2010.

    Awaiting feedback from users with C.NO 9,10 and 12 digits ( from telephone bill )
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  16. vijayanand

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    Shaplus rocks. :)
    i'm using both Shaplus bandwidth meter and BSNL portal tool

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