Setup Internet Connection in both laptop as well as desktop.

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by bahadurgarh, Sep 26, 2009.

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    I have a desktop and one wi-fi(wireless) enabled laptop at home.

    I have a problem. I can be connected to internet only through single system.
    I have a DSL modem (Which is 4 Eth + 1 wifi 802.11g + ADSL2 + Router )

    Model is DNA- A211-I.

    I am using BSNL broadband connection 512 kbps (Unlimited).

    Please tell me how to connect both system.
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    As usual, ( due to lack of information )
    I have to PRESUME that you can use either Desktop or Laptop
    computer with a LAN connection.
    If WIFI is not working
    Also confirm you use a "Dialer" to connect
    or "Always On "Ppp/PPPoE mode

    In the meantime see the various websites link given in this link.

    Hardware board and modem menu pages similar.

    Para two :
    Procedure :
    Start/All programs/Accessories/communications
    Wireless network Wizard.
    Follow Instructions.
    Start / Network/ show all connections
    Does your WIFI net work appear ?
    3. In the modem do settings for Wireless .

    4. In both dektop and laptop
    Start/Network/LAN or WLAN
    Network settings
    select Obtain IP address automatically.
    Apply .Save.

    Para three :
    If not successful post htis data
    Start RUN type cmd Ok
    New window
    type ipconfig /all
    copy paste data here without editing.

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