Setting up WLAN for Counter Strike

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by exchequer598, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. exchequer598

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    Hi all,

    I currently own a UT Starcom 300R2U modem. I am planning to buy a D-Link DIR 600 Wireless Router, for setting up a wireless network to play Counter Strike with my buddies. I have a few questions.

    1. How do I set up the router? Am I correct in thinking I should connect my telephone wire to my modem, my modem to my router, and then my router to my PC?

    2. If I switch on WiFi on the router and let my friends connect to the network to play CS, will the game be actually be played locally or through the internet?

    3. How do I set up only LAN-sharing, without internet? Is it easy to switch between LAN-only sharing and traditional internet sharing?

    4. Is the DIR 600 good? Any reviews/suggestions would be really helpful.

    5. Do I have to configure port forwarding or any such thing?
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  2. xavier666

    xavier666 New Member

    1) Start HLDS
    2) Create server
    3) Give your LAN buddies your LAN IP
    4) Go to whatismyip[DOT]com
    5) Give THIS IP to your non LAN buddies

    If you don't know what is HLDS, how to find LAN IP, how to connect using just IP address, please use Google -_-
  3. abhistp

    abhistp New Member

    Game will be played locally and there is no need to create HLDS. Just create your game and play like on ad-hoc.
    For all other answers there are many pros here. ;)
  4. xosist

    xosist New Member

    counter strike ????

    very old game

    CS 1.6 released September 15, 2003 and now its 2011 , there are lot if better games like C.O.D !!!

    humans should evolve !
  5. pkkumarcool

    pkkumarcool New Member

    But there is nothng like CS!!!!
  6. abhistp

    abhistp New Member

    CS has its own glory.. nothing can replace it madness and craze.. Only experience holders can understand.

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