Setting Airport Express Model With Bsnl Broadband

I have recently purchased the Apple's Airport express modem and wish to use it as my primary modem as well as wireless router for my iphone, mac and ipad.
Can somebody help me how to configure it?
Do I need a separate modem that will connect to internet and then I use the Airport Express simply as a wireless router?
Plz help.
Thanks in advance!!!!


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Airtort express base station is a router not a modem as far as I know and you would use it just like you would use any other router. Which ever internet connection you use would be used the same way and this router would be connected with the existing modem the same way you would connect any other router. Your iPhone would have worked with your existing router as well if you have been using one earlier but if not then just put this one in place and use it as a router.

Just connect Airport express with your modem and it is would let you connect your iPhone wirelessly. Do let me know if you have more questions.


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Airport Express is NOT a modem, its a 802.11n Wi-Fi only. In your case a modem is required which should be provided by your ISP. Once connected please use easy setup or you can update here so we can help you with it :)
You need a modem which would then be connected to airport express using a lan cable. As Smoothvibes said it is fairly easy to set up using the easy setup wizard.