Set up wifi via Airtel Router for a LAN internet connection

Discussion in 'Broadband How to' started by hellking4u, Sep 11, 2011.

  1. hellking4u

    hellking4u New Member

    hey guys,
    I'm using Pacenet Internet connection for my hostel room...

    I couldn't understand how exactly do we connect to the internet, but it's something like I'm connected to a LAN...where I have to type some IP address and login from there (bandwidth limiter app on their server I guess). I had to set up IP address and DNS info in my local area connection in my IPv4 setting.

    Now what I want to do is to use my Airtel wifi router (450BXi or something) to connect to the internet via wifi. I asked my pacenet dude and he replied it's not possible with that particular router and I should get a Netgear one..

    As my router is basically a ADSL+ + Wifi router.... I'm thinking it's possible in some way or other... So is there any way to make my internet connection wifi??
  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Option 1:

    A standalone wifi router such as NetgearWGR614v9;
    Connect to WAN/Internet port.
    Enable Dynamic IP in wifi router.
    Test: lan1 rj45 to ethernet port of computer.
    wifi mode may work.

    Option 2
    Beetel450BXi ( 3in 1 models )

    See first link for screenshots/settings.
    Select"MER" in wan page.
    connect PACENET rj45 to Lan1
    same as above. Test lan mode.
    WIFI may work.

    OPTION 3
    if OS is windows 7 try application ]"Connectify"
    Install in system having Pacenet connection. will/may
    work as AP for other laptops in proximity.

  3. hellking4u

    hellking4u New Member

    I already use connectify....but there are a lot of times I wanna use internet on my phone and don't want my lappy on 24/ that's why trying for a wifi ;-)
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    option 3 : connectify in use.
    try option 2 with Beetel 450BXI
    SSID appears in Phone ?.

    post error message by Windows 7/ self repair mode.

    Option 1 with any standard wifi router.
    If connected laptop can be switched off.
  5. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    I think it is not possible to use router method in your case. I can be always wrong :)

    Read somewhere that you can bridge LAN and wireless connection and get same effect as Connectify. I was told that it will be detected by phones too. To do that,

    1. Create an Adhoc connection.

    2. Select the connections you want to bridge, right click and select " Bridge connections ".

    The person posted claims that he was using his Nokia phone using this method for about 6 months. Think worth a try.
  6. hellking4u

    hellking4u New Member

    Option 3 works, so will bridging probably....but that's not what I want (it's the jugaad I'm currently with....though I really dislike keeping my lappy on 24/7 )

    Tried with MER..... just dosen't seem to connect to internet....or to the local login page....

    strangely... I can see other computers in my Networks page....

    What screenshots should I post....I'm a bit unclear on that...
  7. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    OPtion 1 : stand alone wifi router may work.

    Option 2 :
    You are already logged in connected to Internet.
    Has worked with WImax connections as per reports in Reliance forum.

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