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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by princeahsrah, Apr 23, 2008.

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    Hi! this is my first post in this forum. I have been mod/admin for some other forums too :cool:, but I m new to this one, so if this topic does not belong here, the Mods/Admins of this community may move it to the right place, although I think I have posted it in the right place :)

    1) Can someone explain me what is Server IP Address?

    2) I want to forward the ports for an Online Game called Kaiba Corp VDS which uses ports 6001-6005. I have a UT Starcom WA3002G4 Modem (BSNL Type 2).
    Modem Config
    Advanced Setup---> NAT----> Virtual Servers----> Add--->
    Now I didn't find the program in the list, so I typed the Custom Server as KCVDS(which is the short form of the software used to play it) and then after that, I had no idea what to type in the Server IP Address Field. What should I type here?

    First of all, did I do it right, I mean am I supposed to go to the Virtual Servers Setup or DMZ Host?

    Here is the info that I get when I type ipconfig /all in the cmd prompt window

    Added: What is DHCP and why is it given as NO above. Is it necessary to Forward the ports?

    Any Suggestions and help would be appreciated
  2. superprash2003

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    you seem to be using bridged mode where your computer is dialing your connection.. so i believe that you dont need to open ports in your modem.. just open them in windows firewall and it should be done..
  3. princeahsrah

    princeahsrah New Member

    Bridge Mode

    How do we know if a computer is in Bridged Mode?

    Also, My Friend uses Linksys BEFSR41 Router and he doesn't know how to forward the ports for it, do we have to type the IP Address that we find in IP Config or does he have to type the Default gateway in place of IP Address for Port Forwarding?
  4. superprash2003

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    your ipconfig results show that you are using a connection name "DATAONE" to dial your dataone connection.. this means you are using bridged mode.
    you have to type the ip address you see in the ipconfig
  5. sharks_me

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    u dont need to forward ports in bridge mode

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