send mail via google smtp using phpmailer

Discussion in 'Linux' started by shank_linux, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. shank_linux

    shank_linux New Member

    I want to send mails using google free smtp on centos 5 from my localhost using script language php.
    I was trying to setup sendmail/postfix is it possible?
    I have taken static ip for that purpose too.
    Please provide setting for those server if possible.
  2. mickey

    mickey New Member

    i think this is not possible, because gmail smtp servers must be encrypted with high security..
    they also have anti-spam policies..
  3. Glass

    Glass New Member

    I think it should be possible though I can't give you any settings. I say this because I know this can be done in some forums (if you are the admin) if you have a gmail id, using ssl:// as a prefix of the mail server.

    You should find something if you search.
  4. matrix

    matrix New Member

    This How to use Gmail as your SMTP server link may help
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