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    There are many people who learn that Internet can be used for varied purposes and wish to learn one technique that is very important and also save a lot of money. That is sending SMS/MMS from PC to mobile. That is only possible if you have internet connection to your laptop or computer. The internet is the only possible way to send free SMS to mobile phones of your friends or family.

    How that is possible? That is possible to send SMS/MMS to your mobile phone or others absolutely free of cost with the help of websites. All you need to do is perform the following actions.

    First find free websites which enables to send the SMS and MMS to mobile phones. There are many websites like Text4free, Mycantos, and even regular services like rediffmail which allows you to send SMS or MMS for free to your mobile phone. You can send pictures, wall papers and even audio and mp3 files, graphic files and files of the following formats to your mobile phone for free - .jpg, .mid, .png, .jpeg, .wbmp, .mp4, .midi, .mp3, .wav, .wma, .3gp, or any such kind of file to a maximum size of 1MB. The only question that strikes your mind is that are all such websites free?

    Perhaps not there are services like Text4free which is currently providing free services but the others limit the sending of SMS and MMS to a certain numbers. Some allow you to send only two or one MMS or SMS to mobile number a day. You can send them to various mobile numbers but not more than two or one to any of these numbers. Go to the website, browse to find the MMS and SMS and click them to find the options of send. There click on send SMS or MMS a column appears where you need to insert the number of mobile phone where you wish to send the MMS. Once the number is inserted just press the button send and the stuff is send automatically.
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    Theres a free/paid service with some networks in India and many in the world. Its called email2sms. What happens is that when a person sends an email on that email (mostly looks like or goes like a text message to the recipient. Some network charge for this service from their users. But some have it by default or user can activate it.
    I use email2sms for sending messages to Russian number. Otherwise international message will cost 5/-, whilst email2sms is certainly free.

    it is like you send an email from your gmail or yahoo at an email with this format...

    and the user will recieve your email as a sms in his inbox..
    but Indian companies are so clever, they know that people wont take their sms packs.. so they dont have it.. vodafone and idea has it but its paid i guess..

    i send sms to my friend who is a girl who lives in Ekaterinburg Russia.. i do it this way where ycc is her provider.. so its free for me..

    maybe she is charged..
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    Can you give some more sites which can give free sms on mobile? I have TATA number and I want the free sms scheme which is now costlier then before.
  4. nazneen2382

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    I live in UAE and want to send MMS to India. I searched many websites but in vain. plz guide me, I want to send MMS, not SMS.
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    try its free nd trust me guys its da best:p
  6. mickey

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    free websites for sending sms
    gtalk(check country list-maybe supported- currently India is not supported).

    WAY2SMS is good but i dont like their 15 days expiry stuff:(
    they should make it 2 months atleast..
    then you cry come back come back.. happy birthday and all.. 15 days is way to less:(
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    im not finding the way to send mms in plz give me exact link so that i may send pic. from pc to mobile

    13SUHASRAO New Member

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    To send photos from a computer to mobile you need to have a Bluetooth compatible handset. You also need a blue tooth port in your computer; you can transfer data after turning on your cell phones blue tooth and configuring it with the blue tooth port connected to your computer. When you buy the Bluetooth port you will get a soft ware CD along with the port which will contain the drivers of the port.

    You can also transfer your cell phone images via a data cable, which you get when you purchase the phone. The data cable is a faster way and is more compatible as it has been created by the manufacturer of the cell phone it self. Data cable are commonly available with most phones for example: Nokia, Samsung, Sony Erickson, Motorola etc.

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