Second hand Maruti 800 or Alto

Discussion in 'Cars in India' started by navgemi, Sep 7, 2008.

  1. navgemi

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    Within a budget of Rs 1 Lac which would be better option in second hand cars? Maruti 800 or Alto.Which years model would be available with the budget of 1 Lac..?
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    Have you thought about Fiat Palio Diesel? You can get one in a very good condition for less then 1lakh and its a pretty decent car.
    The only draw back is that the maintainance is a little bit costly but it will make up on fuel costs as diesel is cheap and the best of all ... it looks a lot better then a 800 or an alto.

    Fiat dont sell diesel models anymore so that another point you might wanna look into before you get one.

    Out of maruti 800 and alto I think Alto would be a better buy although you can get an 800 much much cheaper.

    Another plus with the fiat palio diesel is that it has good (very good) airconditioning and also has heating.
    With and Alto or a 800 you will always feel your engine is under powered..
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  3. sb21pro

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    have you forgotten about the NANO!!
  4. Admin

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    Is nano not going to take a long time before they star selling due to that problem in West Bengal?
  5. navgemi

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    Thanks Admin for your reply.I will look into your suggestion.

    You are right about the Nano issue. Tatas have said they would like to launch it as per schedule.But many believe that it would be only to respect the schedule deadline with only 2-3 thousands units in the market.The full fledged supply would be availbale only in the next year.

    Another issue with Nano is that since it is a complete new product in a new segmeant, many would like to wait and watch.They will decide once they have enough feedabck and reviews to make up their minds.
  6. sb21pro

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    yaa i would say that as well, but hey whats wrong in trying??

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