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Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by tajmahal, May 18, 2011.

  1. tajmahal

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    I have been using airtel broadband plan for last few months. Now I have shifted to bsnl. my router is configured according to airtel settings.
    Please help me to configure with bsnl as I am not able to connect to internet with bsnl.
    my router is binatone DT845W
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  3. tajmahal

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    Thanks for replying
    After following your instructions green light over the internet (in the router) started (initially it was off).
    But now on trying to connect it is ERROR 651 (i.e. modem is NOT responding).
    While i am able to access internet on reversing settings via airtel.
    Please help
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    Appears you are using Dialer to connect .
    ( userid PW entered in computer window )
    confirm for Airtel Always OnPPPoE mode
    ( userID/PW stored in wan page of modem/router)
    Try for BSNL same.
    Error 651 : confirm OS Windows 7.
  5. tajmahal

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    Thanks for trying to solve my problem.
    You are absolutely right, I am using Windows 7.
    I have tried both.
    If I connect using dialer then it shows Error 651
    and if I connect the other way (as you suggested) then it is showing DNS not responding.
    The customer care of BSNL has NOT responded in last 5 days.
    While talking on phone they seem to have NO idea of the problem and are saying that you have to change the modem.

    Please suggest something
    Waiting for any help
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    I have the same modem Less wifi ( Beetel 110TCI)

    Please deactivate all PVC Except PVC2 VPI/VCI 0 35.
    Save each page.
    Presume you are trying to use BSNL and AIRTEL BB with SAME modem. For this model above procedure required every time you change the RJ11 input ( BSNL or Airtel )

    Since you had used it for Airtel earlier only above page changes are required. ( Airtel page say PVC0 remains deactivated)

    Post as screen shot the connection status.
    India Broadband Forum

    For DNS:

    Para two;
    (2.1)See my signature link "monitor" below ; How to post attachments Jpg(preferred) here.

    (2.2 )
    how many laptops/smartphone in use ?

    Download "Connectify" application and load in Laptop having
    ethernet connection to Airtel or Bsnl.
    This laptop will work as additional AP ( AccessPoint) within range.
    Try later. as mentioned earrlier same wifi settings of Airtel will do for BSNL in the router.

    Feedback item wise.
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