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Discussion in 'Linux' started by itsmemad, Feb 4, 2010.

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    Few days back I installed Ubuntu 9.10, Karmic Koala. Its main features include Kernel 2.6.31, ext4 and GRUB2 default and GNOME 2.28. It includes new versions of Firefox 3.5 and Open Office 3.1 as well as collaborative working tools with the Amazon EC2 API and Enterprise Cloud Ubuntu .. In addition, startup screens have been modified, adding noticeable graphical improvements in the "boot splash", which is now based on X.

    Installing Applications in Ubuntu is now easier than ever with new software center of Ubuntu. Inspired by similar applications such as Apple Store or Android Market, Ubuntu Software Center makes it easy to search, download, installation and maintenance of programs for Ubuntu.

    For the rest comes with numerous improvements, one of which is the new starting system that accelerates the process well, both have changed the animation of the icon bar by a white Ubuntu lasting a few seconds. In addition, new kernel with new devices supported.

    Issues with VLC

    I do not know what mania that we have to use VLC to watch the videos. I have changed the way of alerting the GNOME Screensaver (screensaver) that there is a multimedia application running and VLC not working well and skip the screensaver. To me this is a rather serious error, than the more ordinary mortals, displaying the screensaver in the middle of a film is enough reason to choose another operating system.
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    So you enable the screen saver in your system!!! My first thing to do after installation is disable the screen saver!! I leave my place by locking the session and putting the monitor switch off, that is it. If I am going to be away for a little long, will shut down and leave. This applies to both in office and at home. Mind it, though I am in this computer field for more than 20 years I do this for the sake of not wasting resources.

    Request: Don't feel offencive as my language is like that.
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    @ matrix

    I didn't mind at all.. Infact your suggestions are quite reasonable and noteworthy. Thank you.
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    Hi, take it easy, if you are concerned about the environment, for sure you can contribute for this cause by disabling the screen saver. System will go to power saving mode. I am a very concerned person regarding polluting environment. I don't allow anything switched on unnecessarily.

    Hope you will take this advise with the right sprits. Advance tanks for heeding.
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    Intel integrated graphics people are advised to use mandriva or fedora instead as ubuntu is giving regression in graphics performance.
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    I don't know if this is a feature or a bug or a ghost inside my Ubnuntu... :confused: The Operating System starts playing any random song from the Hard Drive for like 1 minute if the Computer is left idle for some time.. It doesn't launch any Music Player to play the song.. :) Also, if the Computer is still idle after playing the first song, it will play another song after sometime or repeat it. :D

    Whatever it is, it doesn't bug me... Infact, I like this feature because it attracts my attention and reminds me that the Computer is still turned ON. Oh.. did I mention it as a feature? :)

    P.S. - This doesn't happen when any activity is going on, like torrent downloads.
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    A torrent download cannot be considered as a user activity as it is a background one. It is surprising to me that this type of feature is added to ubuntu. Anyway I am a user of Mandriva and there is no such issues.

    As we are aware ubuntu got the maximum installation at desktop level (may be vague, my assumption). We all know that linux was considered as a geek's OS, but those who used the recent releases can tell that it is not an OS for the geek's. It is as easy as Windows for normal use like office application and web browsing which is what normal a users require unlike user like me in the IT domain.

    People don't bother here as most installation of windows for personal use here in our country is not legal.
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