Review: The Italian Job

Discussion in 'Hollywood movies' started by just4kix, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. just4kix

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    Plot Summary:
    • Fantastic action
    • A drop dead gorgeous safe cracker
    • Usual ho-hum story - often repeated
    • Somewhat unbelievable - has anyone lifted a bar of gold and checked how heavy it is?
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  2. Evander Leopold

    Evander Leopold New Member

    Good review.
    have u seen the 1969 version (original) ,starring michael caine ?
  3. just4kix

    just4kix Guardian Angel Staff Member

  4. sunpraveen

    sunpraveen New Member

    The Italian Job is a so-so movie (that's what I felt when I saw it). It is a run of the mill bank/museum heist movies that abounds Hollywood.

    One of the best bank heist movies that I have seen is Mad Money (2008). It is very simple in both narration and plot and keeps you engrossed throughout.

    If you like these kind of flicks, then Ronin (though not of the same genre) is one that comes to mind immediately. It is a very good action movie with great acting too!! :cool:

    By the way, I saw the Italian Job in office during training (unbelievable but true!!!). We (3 of us to be exact) were shown this movie as part of learning/understanding American English and we happily lapped it up.
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  5. amitkool21

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    i just love this movie.........and i'm also waiting for its next sequel Brazilian Job

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