Retrieving my BSNL userid with Portal id

Discussion in 'BSNL broadband' started by nganesh.kumar, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. nganesh.kumar

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    This might sound a bit weird but i need to know my bsnl user id. I have my portal id and password with me. With this info is it possible for me to retrieve my BSNL id. I guess this is what is needed to configure my modem.Anyone, pls correct me and advise me on this
  2. just4kix

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  3. nganesh.kumar

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    There is no service user id mentioned in the "My Services" page. please clarify.

    1) Service name
    2) Account number
    3) Usage month

    are available.Please clarify. Am unable to post the image since my replying power is low.
  4. just4kix

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    You have to select the three options and click on search. This will display the usage details on the next page. You user id will be displayed over there. See picture.

    BSNL Portal.png
  5. nganesh.kumar

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    oh yes . thank you so much. But it again looks like a portal id (, is this still fine and i shall this for configuring my modem.Am sorry as i am out of town and cant test really but i should be able to do it as soon as i reach home.Thanks for taking so much pain to explain me this.Looking forward to more contributions from experts like you.GREAT !
  6. just4kix

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    Thank you. Your words mean a lot.
  7. essbebe

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    YES. see @just4kix post.

    see below. No 3

    1. Your userId and password are used to
    connect to Internet and surf. .......................... ID/PW set one

    2. You can program your Modem either to
    connect using a dialer or " Always on " Mode.

    Mention the modem/model and make always in all posts.

    3. For this you have to enter
    in your browser (Usually )
    USERID admin password admin ( Usually )........ID/PW set two
    Then you will get a new page with menu items.

    ( for records )
    You need a 14 digit Usage portal ID and password as
    password . ( ask your Exchange )
    example mga18765092009 ( 14 digits )
    Password : password ( default no need to change ) ID/PW set three

    (for records )
    Now access your usage portal with set 3 here
    BSNL - Broadband Account Management ( preferred now )
    BSNL Portal ( needs Telephone Bill a/c number also)

    You can check your usage at these two sites .

    6. Lastly, if you want to use BSNL web mail service
    use Set NO 1.

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  8. sathish

    sathish Guest

    pls help me out

    This might sound a bit weird but i need to know my portal id. I have my bsnl user id and password with me. With this info is it possible for me to retrieve my BSNL id.
  9. meetdilip

    meetdilip The Wizard

    No. Please check with your local exchange. They keep it in their records.

    Make sure that you have

    1. User ID and Password

    2. Portal ID and password

    3. Email ID and password.
  10. mrbgupta

    mrbgupta New Member

    Portal ID is like the master key.Just knowing the portal ID one can get the other two.

    By default password is "password" in all 3 sets.
  11. pradeepbm

    pradeepbm New Member

  12. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    usually user name .
    without @
  13. pradeepbm

    pradeepbm New Member

    I was on vacation. When I came back the phone was dead. The next day phone was working but internet wasn't. Strangely the modem lost all the settings and was showing default values with default user multiplay. I don't know what happened to my username and the modem admin password also has reset to default. Now I have added my username /password it is giving authorization failure error.:mad: I am sure my password is right. I am :(
  14. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    1.Mention modem model/make number._(* DNA A211-I) May need software update later.
    REF: similar hardware boaard and modem menu pages.

    2. Press the reset button with Power on for 20 to 30 seconds
    to restore settings to factory defaults _______-( done/ )

    3. In computer:
    ' .. Start Network LAN
    ... properties
    .... Network settings page
    ....... Select TCP/IP

    Apply SAVE

    Use Dialer mode and enter your ID and PW .

    4. Result Feedback : No connection / connected.

    5. If not connected error message _____________

    6. Try to access admin admin
    and check wan settings. Result ________________
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  15. pradeepbm

    pradeepbm New Member

    I have DNA-A211-1 modem. i will try your steps at home and let u know. BSNL call center is useless, i had to call 10 times each call in Queue for 8 mins and then getting disconnected before getting in touch with the representative. He could not help me. In India companies sell their product after that customer is left at mercy of God.:mad:

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