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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by gardencityboy, May 23, 2008.

  1. gardencityboy

    gardencityboy New Member

    Need some help

    I been having issue with the reliance wimax IP issues, not able to get IP
    In my area in the evening i am never able to get the IP, i can get IP in the morning and late night but in the evening when i come back from office and need to do some work i am never able to get the IP

    I have logged almost 15-25 tickets with reliance , but has fallen to deaf ears

    then suddenly i got a call form some technical guy form reliance and i told him the issue, he told WHY DONT YOU GO FOR STATIC IP

    by the way reliance had confirmed that ther are no IP available in the hoskarehali base station to which i connect

    is this possible - do reliance give static IP in wimax? is their any body in this forum who know anybody using statis IP with reliance wimax

    I also need the contact details of the nodal officer of reliance wimax in Bangalore so that i can escalate this issue

    If anybody has the details please share this info with me
  2. StarK

    StarK New Member

    Yes i think they do give static ip... i have applied for a connection in delhi.. he was saying that static ip is also a choice... i had to go for this service as no other service exists in my damned area...
  3. mukeshbauskar

    mukeshbauskar New Member

    Actually they provide static IP with INR2000 annual fees.
  4. gardencityboy

    gardencityboy New Member

    Thanks mukesh
    i actually bought the static IP, still some small problem
    working with the reliance team to get this resolved
  5. anusheri

    anusheri Member

    U shud not hv opted for static IP by paying. It is ISP's responsibilty to provide u dynamic ip whenevr u log in. it is their problem to provide more dynamic ips in ur area. by opting for static ip u hv solved their headache (by spending 2k) and in ne case static ip is not going to help u at home unless u hv some kind of specific application running which requires that.
  6. mukeshbauskar

    mukeshbauskar New Member

    You are definitely right. 2K just for static IP is not worth.
    In case of DHCP, IP address of the system does not change so frequently. I am having Reliance Wi-Max connection and I have disconnected network many times. But my IP address did not change. I am watching this behavior from 15days.
    And logical one should provide that many number connection to which they can provide IP addresses when everyone logged in simultaneously. That means number of connections should be equal to number of IP addresses that they can provide.
    I do not know any software or hardware which requires static IP.
  7. gardencityboy

    gardencityboy New Member

    i agree with you guys
    but i did not have any choice
    i want to work form home when i come back from office
    and when i come home i have to wait for 2 to 3 hr some time to get an IP
    by that time my meeting will be over

    I raised lot of complains with no resolution , so what am i supposed to do
    if spending 2K will resolve my IP issue and give me peace of mind when i come home and i am able to work from home i dont mind

    I know that it was an easy way for reliance but i think my peace of mind is also important and if this 2 k solves my problem i am ready to spend it

    by the way this has till not resolved the issue, when i come home i am still not able to ping the gateway even after having the static ip, if this issue persist then i am not going to pay then 2k nor my bill
  8. Unregistered

    Unregistered Guest

    Issue Resolution

    I have had to deal with the service provider and had a hard time. Then I went to linkedin and searched for folks who work for the the service provider and share with that I am going to post a question in the world forum and ask if everyone has such bad service and the support came pouring in.

    Now I say jump and they jump. Cheers and I hope this concept works for you.
  9. bhatpraveen

    bhatpraveen New Member

    Good job.. thats precisely what you ought to do. They don't understand simple requests. Reliance will cheat you no matter what, till you take the fight to the limit. Then they start responding. Kudos, keep up the good fight.

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