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  1. ugotme

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    Hi All,
    I have been following this group for quite some time. As few of our friends have posted similarly yesterday i received a call saying summons would be issued in Delhi High Court for non payment of bills. The whole issue is like this :
    1. I had been a user of the broadband wi-fi service since Sep 2009. the service was fine with no problems at all. It was a post paid connection .
    2. During Oct 2010 i used to have very frequent disconnections problems which every time i used to call the customer care to rectify. I even threatened that i would not pay them the monthly bill.
    3. After getting no reply i stopped payment of that months bills for which they had sent a technician . he suggested that there was a new building obstructing the path so i may not get good connectivity at all. he suggested that he cannot do anything. After which the bill were generated every month for the next three months. The total due was about 3k
    4. After which when i got a call from local partners about payment i refused saying that i am not your customer any more.
    5. In Feb 2011 i get a notice to appear in a local court in Bangalore which i just ignored.
    6. Yesterday i get a call from someone saying that he's a big lawyer from Delhi and he is waiting for a copy of arrest warrant but can help me if i cough up the unpaid bill which is nearly 7k now.
    The most important issue is the connection is in my wife's name. My question is is there any rule in the law to arrest for non payment of bills for the service not provided. I spoke to my lawyer and what he instructed is let them send court order and we would c the order.
    Should i wait for the order or proceed to ask for settlement.

    NOTE : The strongest point on the customer side is that Reliance VERY PROMPTLY disconnects the connection exactly after 7 days for your bill last date. so where is the question of using the service for these many days.
  2. essbebe

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    Lawyer's notice threatening arrest etc are not to be entertained, and you
    can file a Police Complaint.
    Only terminology to be used, giving details of the claim amount and
    informing you, that Legal action will be initiated in a court of Law.
    Appearance in court is issued by the High court/lower courts concerned,
    quoting Case file number.Plaintiff defendant / case details etc.
    ( for that matter even as a witness)
    Check whether the Notice is from the Court or from Reliance Lawyers.

    Consult Free legal Aid, in your area.
    This is a civil matter, under contract act etc. No chance. Usually there will be an Arbitration clause in any agreement to avoid approaching courts, before signing an agreement.
    ( Even BSNL offers a Samadhan Scheme to avoid litigation
    Many persons have to be arrested if they Don't pay the CHIT amount or
    EMI for goods purchased !!!
    For a bounced cheque for say Rs10000/=, the matter is not settled for
    years. ( or a promissory Note/ Rent arrears /Bank loans etc. House loans )
    This is the legal position to the best of my knowledge.

    Para two:
    You can offer to pay Rs 100/=PM, for the disputed amount, ( but say it does not amount to acceptance of Liability in full ) and remit it to the court.
    and ask for court file case number Court number etc. !!!
    or make this plea in court, if at all you are called upon as a defendant!!!
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  3. ugotme

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    Dear essbebe, Thank you for ur suggestions..i am just worried bcoz i dont have any supporting documents on my side since all the calls to the customer care were made some 15 months back...only thing i have is their idiotic bills....
    Let me c what happens next !! Thanks once again for ur suggestions
  4. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    If the connection was Telephone charges ( monthly rental ) + Broadband plan charges,
    They should have disconnected both within two months if non payment of amount.
    The Honorable Judge will ask Reliance the same question !
    Shows Negligence of service : disconnection instructions surcharge for late
    payment etc normally shown in the bill.
    I wonder why you simply filed all the bills for an year or so ?
    Did you surrender any instruments , and got a receipt ?

    Ask Reliance to produce Data Usage and or telephone call details.
    You can also show that you are using alternate phone provider or BB service.

    My friend sent or threatened to send email to Pujya Anil Ambani and the collection agents stopped visiting our flats ! Now he has gone on transfer !!!
  5. ugotme

    ugotme New Member

    Dear essbebe,
    In fact they went on sending bills for three four months inspite of repeatedly telling the local bill collectors that i am not a customer anymore. After i refused to pay bill for four months they had sent me a mail to appear in the court.It was just a intimation mail no attached file as such.
    They haven't come to collect to collect the device also inspite me of telling to take it away...
    My query is does this amount to negligence on my part of accepting that i am still a customer of their service...
    Just now i got a news from a friend that even if i get a notice i can still try to settle the amount thru amicable settlement.
    Just have to wait and see.
    Anyhow thanks for ur valuable suggestions.
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    Dude.. finally have u paid the amount?? what was the final result?? samething happened me now from TATA photon please tell me your suggestion...

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