Reliance Sucks!!!! Never ever opt for a Reliance Broadband Internet

Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by rajaramani, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. rajaramani

    rajaramani New Member

    Dear Friends,

    I am from Bangalore (Hosakerehalli, Banashankari 3rd Stage)
    I have been using a Reliance Broadband Internet 400 kbps plan(unlimited) since only 10 days and I have mentally become so stressed using this worst service that I have decided to teach them a lesson by sending chain mails about their poor quality of service, lest their true colors is made known to all people using broadband internet.

    In the first place, they don't have faith in their service. The person who showed me, in a pamphlet, about the various post paid plans, might have seen many people terminating their Reliance internet connection going by their poor service...when i asked him as to how the service was(before taking the net connection), he told in a "ok, chaltha hai" attitude that first made me think if their service was good at all..

    I got the installation done within 3 days (that was the only good thing to have happened with Reliance internet, though)...
    for the first 2 days, the service was "ok" type, with download speeds of about 600 kbps and upload speed of around 300-400 kbps, as seen on ""

    but after some 2-3 days, the download and the upload speeds started to fluctuate heavily and I wasn't able to even see some of the youtube videos...
    so i called their customer care and lodged a complaint for slow speeds...for which a field engineer came and he made some changes in the then configured "base station" settings, by changing it to a new one...

    i called that field engineer that night to again tell him that no real change had happened in the download speed...he insisted me that out of the available 4 base stations, i chose any one which had the least fluctuation in "Uplink" and "downlink" CINR numbers....

    but to my surprise, till date, barring one base station, i have never been able to see the other 3 base stations in operational mode at all...

    today, i got a very good friend in their customer care, and I got to know their true colors from him...i felt they are, :asshole:

    he infact, he revealed the matter that there is a nearby Airtel tower which is causing signal interference to occur and it is due to this fact that i have been experienceing slow speeds....also, to my horror, he said that due to slow speeds problem more than 400+ customers had got terminated their connection, within a span of 8 months(the time from which this interference problem is seen)...i also called the bangalore head regarding this, and he told that the interference problem would be resolved in another 2 weeks time(what a joke? the customer care service friend of mine, whom i mentioned above, said that this guy was telling the same thing since 8 months, to everybosy who called him!!!):p

    now, here i am, paying 999 Rs/- for no speed( I am now seeing only a download and upload speeds of 60 kbps, 200 kbps respectively, on ""), often almost into tears whenever i can't play my favorite youtube videos, for which really, i had taken the heavy plan of 400 kbps/unlimited (999 Rs/-)

    Anil Ambani's Reliance Communications, sucks, high time!!:nono:
  2. iChaitanya

    iChaitanya New Member

    Hey, that 999 plan has 300 Kbps download right?

    Confirm that.

    Waise bhi, reliance broadband sucks. Everyone knows that.
  3. rajaramani

    rajaramani New Member

    nahi yaar...
    gandhe lOg ab us 300 kbps plan ko 400 kbps plann bOlke customers ko DhOka dhE rahE hai!!:rolleyes:
  4. gaurishankar

    gaurishankar New Member

    Relaince is cheating the customer by sending false bills

    Dear Sir,
    Reliance really sucks the last drop of the customer . Here is a live case which is going on between customer and Reliance, For 5 days usage they had send me whoing bill of Rs. 24000/ asking to settle down at 50 %. Can any one explain me how for 2 pc normal email usgae for 5 working days how the bill could be Rs. 24000/-

    We are using the Reliance broadband services and the account number is 323110006406 registered in the name Bright Brothers Ltd.

    From today morning we are unable to browse the net. We had cleared the lastmonth bill of Rs.709/ . Today we got another bill of Rs. 1752.36 due date 05.11.2008. But we are unable to browse the net.

    On enquiry to your call centre I was shocked to get information that services to our account is barred . On further investigation we are told that you had outstanding of Rs. 13332/-. Earlier enquiry , I was informed that the account services are debarrd due to non payment of the Bill of Rs. 24000/- For your information, under no circumstances the Bill will be so high considering the usgae of the account and we are not going to listen to the stories of Reliance Communication.

    In my office we are not so heavy user. Only 2 pc’s are connected to broadband and it is used mainly for email. No download is done at all. Furthermore that current bill which I had got is up to 14.10.2008 which is Rs. 1752.36 only. Could you explain the fact that from 15.10.2008 to 22.10.2008 only 5 working days (baring Saturday-Sunday being holiday) how come my usage has crossed all the boundaries of download and am billed for such an exhorbitant amount.

    Your call centre people are asking me to pay this amount of Rs. 13332/- and then only our services will be started.

    I feel helpless. As we had not used the services to such an extent and there is something somewhere definitely wrong.Please investigate the matter and let us know the fact, and start the services to our account.

    Request to look into the matter urgently and activate the services immediately and also explain us how such things are done at your end.

    Please do the needful and obilige.

    Thanks & Regards
    Gauri Shanker Gound

    Yes Dear ,

    Relaince really sucks. for 5 days usage they had billed me Rs. 24000/-
    the matter is under investigation from last one week.

    Gauri Shankar
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  5. pbatibf

    pbatibf Guest

    sorry gauri shanker
    hope god blesses you to get rid of reliance


    and as for reliance is concerned, all i have to say to them is
  6. saurabh28

    saurabh28 New Member

    Its now 400kbps from last year
    u don't know????
    my friend uses that plan only
    he gets around 60KB/sec i.e. 60x8=480kbps :)
  7. pbatibf

    pbatibf Guest

    well right now.. after i have terminated my reliance connection
    i am figuring out many things about these guys

    like..why did i always get 300kbps speed when i checked on the speedometer on their site (i was on the 600kbps plan)

    it turns out that these guys are smarter than i got to think they was

  8. priyan

    priyan New Member

    May I help you

    Hi Rajeramani/GauriShankar

    Plz give me your subscriber id's and any other details related to the issues. I might be able to help you.
  9. Rameshjeee

    Rameshjeee Good to be Back

    Please use PM to share the subscriber id's if you (Rajeramani/GauriShankar) are willing to share it.
  10. viksharmavik

    viksharmavik New Member

    relaince netconnect sucks because of its high priced plans

    pls not buy any reliance services, cheap but waste of money, try airtel :46::46::46:& bsnl
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  11. ram_aprjc

    ram_aprjc New Member


    First dey hav taken 15 days to install. d very next day,DHCP server gives a problem. After registering a complaint dey resolve it and within an hour d same problem shows up again. WTF is wrong vid dese people
  12. priyan

    priyan New Member

    Dear Ram,

    Please provide me with your subscriber id and fault ticket number.

    I might be of help.

    Warm regards,
  13. veryindian

    veryindian New Member

    yet to get connected..

    After reading lots of troubled experiences here, I feel I'm privileged. Its only been 20 days since the sales dude has taken my docs & connection form with the promise of getting it installed in 5-6 days.

    At the time of taking all the docs, he told me that first I'll get a call from verification dept then the installation will be initiated. Yet to get any call from them. Now he's telling me that its gonna take 5-6 more days as the fiber optic cable is being installed and then their is some device(which apparently costs 2.5lacs) which will be installed after that some cat5 cable needs to be put(still no word on verification thou). I really don't think all this can be accomplished in 5-6days as he says; considering all the mounting heap of ill-treated reliance customers here.

    I really don't have any choice as my apartment is a new one and there is no other ISP offering any service.

    Lets c where this goes.
  14. dancingdevil

    dancingdevil New Member

    PHEW RELIANCE SUCKKKS....BAD..............i already have 2 complain no in a span of 3 days lolz and yet havent received the call from their side....first it was a speed issue ...i was clocking 0.03-0.31 mbs at speednet test..
    It was interesting to talk to the customer care ....lolz they make u select the 3g option wen u dialing their help line and each time the call lands up in thir cdma section now imagine what u go through wen u have to explain the same problem over and over againg and that with a VERY long hold they have to transfer ur call from dep to another:rolleyes:
    man its lame talking to those CCE there ,they just repeat the same thing delete cookies reinstallsoftware blah blah and disable ur antivirus/network times i was wondering why m paying for the network protection if am to disable it????
    Dang it took them 3 days to register a complain for the slow speed of which am yet to recieve any feedback from their side:confused:
    but before problem no1 is resolved problem no2 is here:)the transfer reate just goes to "0" ever like 3-5 minutes for like 30sec to 40 sec......... bang all ur live servers disconnected ur calling againg in skypee:mad:
    Reliance is making me crazy........IT TIME FOR A CHANGE

    Called up the customer again hahah since i lodged a second complain before the first being resolved, so my second complain will be resloved first that means the 4 day thing they have follows from the date the second complain was made .......we all can judge how Reliance handles things i guess ambani too busy making his palace time to switch ISP
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  15. Core

    Core New Member

    wireless broadband is often prone to these type of problems but their attitude on solving the problem is quite disgusting.
  16. dancingdevil

    dancingdevil New Member

    ILATEST UPDATE ..I OT CALL FROM RELIANCE previous 2 complains were closed within 5 days great guns ....3 cheers for them........after the issues were resolved it was rejoice time ..i was video calling without the calls being dropeed on skype..:) logging on to most MMORPGS that i use wow practicallly lag freee.....ALAS!! my joy was short lived it lasted for 24 hrs i guesss now its back to same transfer rates going to 0 every now and then ....wish i could paste an image of my ping for google its kinda like a cycle of ...Reply from and Request timed outs ^^.............imagine having to reconnect a skype call like every 3-5 mints logging ur liveservers like in every few minutes .....waiting for the videos to buffer ......... .and to the guys from reliance i have no problem on my computer or modem or the network settings......^^ i t was fine before the problem happened its fine wen i use other connections and best of all it was fine for 24 hrs after the resolution...
    Verdict: with reliance i guess you will face the same problem again and again no matter
    how many times u call their call centre.For quality net experience for live servers get some other ISP some other .
  17. knayirp

    knayirp New Member

    Reliance Broadband issues

    I've been having a lot of problems with Reliance as well.

    Initially I thought their service to be good. I subscribed for the connection, and it was running in 2-3 days.

    I paid them for a whole month in advance as well (I think that is how they cheat customers of money.) I got 2.5 weeks of problem free internet. Then it suddenly stopped working. I called their customer care and they said they'll send someone to fix it.
    The guy came, said that they will fix the problem in the server which is in the next building.
    I waited 3 days. And called customer care again when it didn't work. They told me that the Quick Response team would get back.
    The Quick Response got back to me the very next day, said there were some issues and that they were looking into it.

    Its now been 25 days since we lodged the complaint, and their team is still "looking into it".

    Anyway I would suggest to stay away from Reliance if you'll have an option.

    Go for Airtel or BSNL or anything else.

    Another issue I forgot to add, was the disappointing attitude their field engineers/ customer care have.

    I lodged a complaint for my telephone line which wasn't working. (I subscribed for a combo plan, Broadband + Telephone).

    The customer care gave me a customer complaint number.

    When I inquired 2 days later. The customer care told me that the problem is closed as "resolved". And what was surprising was that, no engineer had even visited, and the problem was definitely NOT RESOLVED.

    The customer care offered to register another complaint, and issued me a new Reference Number.

    I called again in another 2-3 days, and the same things happened again! They had closed the problem as "Resolved" from their side, and again no engineer had visited, and my problem had still NOT BEEN RESOLVED.

    And then my internet stopped working a few days after that. And as I've written in the above post, 25 days later, I have no Internet nor Phone service. and their engineers/quick response team is "Still looking into it".

    If any Reliance member happens to be reading this, I've listed my Reference numbers below :






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  18. upadhyay.minmay

    upadhyay.minmay New Member

    @ thread starter. . . . . . . . . . . .
    Thanx,i will keep in mind and i will never go with reliance. . . . .
  19. Jessen Varghese

    Jessen Varghese New Member

    Hi all,

    I have been using reliance WIMAX broadband for over a year now. Till about 2 weeks back, service quality was good enough. There were problems but they used to be rectified normally within 24 hours. I have 1 MBPS plan for 2500 p.m. Since last two weeks though, connection is not working through wireless router. It is working when I connect directly to PC. Just before this problem started reliance guy had come over and changed the linkspeed to 10mbps half duplex. since then my wireless router is not detecting my broadband IP.

    Any solutions?
  20. knayirp

    knayirp New Member


    Something good happened from Reliance for once.

    My internet started working! It took 26 days but at least it started working. Hopefully it won't get disconnected again.

    I have to make sure they don't bill me for the entire time my internet was off.
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