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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by bhanuraghav, Jun 22, 2011.

  1. bhanuraghav

    bhanuraghav New Member

    Combo Plans
  2. saurav1987sonu

    saurav1987sonu New Member

    I do not find any plan attractive .Currently i am using 499/- unlimited with free calls worth 50 Rs to any operator.
  3. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    They should had provided 2Mbps Unlimited for Rs.1500 without any Fair Usage Policy, 1Mbps is very old school nowadays.

    8Mbps Unlimited for Rs.999 without any Fair Usage Policy is what I need desperately, hope this dream comes true soon.:(
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  4. Inflo

    Inflo New Member

    The plans are sad according to me....
    I'm using combo 600kbps+night 1mbps, costs 749+tax pm and i download atleast 2gb every night(10pm-8am 1mbps)... So 30days = 60 gb.....
    The new king pack costs 899+tax pm gives 1mbps upto 20gb and thereafter 600 kbps...
    Come on reliance! You're joking right?
  5. Abhi

    Abhi New Member

    Trump 1299 looks good for me, I will call Reliance cc and opt for that plan, Reliance is simply the best, I LOve you Reliance.:cool:
  6. Core

    Core New Member

    I am on their 1199 ace plan but their service is horrible. They don't have infrastructure to support these plans as far as my city is concerned.

    They are just another noob company trying their luck on noob customers.
  7. saurav1987sonu

    saurav1987sonu New Member

    Do not love Reliance , love your precious earned money :)

    I think this person paste his message every where, eventually he is spamming
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