Reliance India Call to make ISD Calls to India at Cheap Rates

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    Reliance India Call to make ISD Calls to India at Cheap Rates

    People living in countries other than India who need to make calls to India spend a good deal of money in international calls. If you too have been wasting money on huge bills and wish to make a difference to your calling rates, it is time you switch to Reliance India Call. This is a facility that is made for all to make personal or business calls to India from US, UK and Canada.

    If you are living in any of these three countries – US, Canada and UK, you are lucky to have a new facility to make calls to India. The new Reliance India call facility has been introduced to these countries which enables Indians to make calls to India at very cheap rates. The Reliance India call is also called Reliance Global Call which is for making international long distance call service. This service is used by lots of people around the world.

    The Reliance India call with an extension of Reliance Global call enables one to make calls to over 200 different countries across the world. The Reliance global call as well as Reliance India call has some wonderful features like one touch dialing, auto recharge, unmatched voice clarity, and even the facility of auto easy dial. And the best feature of this calling facility is the affordable calling rates. The big difference that you will find when you make calls with Reliance India call is the voice clarity. There will be no lags, call drops and echoes and this is because the Reliance call facility uses satellite connectivity and optic fibers for communication.

    Troubleshooting any sort of problem related to Reliance India call is very easy. You have throughout 24 X 7 customer support as well as website to troubleshoot your problems or discuss any change of plan or other issues. The call rates depend on the place you are calling from. Obviously the call rates in Canada will be different from US and the UK and the vice versa.

    The advantages of getting Reliance India Call Cards in all these three countries are:
    There is no connection fee for availing this facility in your mobile or landline.
    When you disconnect the facility you won’t face a huge bill like others and there won’t be any hang up fee or disconnection fee.
    No maintenance fee is required for the Reliance India call Card
    No communication fee is there
    No long talk fee and the rounding are for one minute.
    Thus you pay the flat rate of the calling irrespective of to which city, town or village you are calling or what number you have called.

    The Reliance India call is the part of Reliance Group which India’s largest and most admired business and the company is also one of the largest mobile service provider in India. The company has introduced this facility to make things easier for natives of India as well as natives of these countries to make calls to India absolutely hassle free. Hail Reliance India call.
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