Reliance Gsm Or Reliance Cdma?


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There is no good or bad. These are two different technologies and the only difference I find is that CDMA would give you better reception behind thick walls but apart from that it is more or less the same for an end user.
I have used both CDMA and GSM, and there is no major difference in the two technologies regarding speed or performance.
parminder ji, to be frank, just simply tell me which one is better in delhi and ncr, if CDMA then ive to buy a CDMA phone too.

if you know about tata indicom service and coverage in delhi, just let me know.
I am too using Reliance gsm and cdma my case cdma performs better. i never face any rang problem with CDMA phone but in the case of gsm when u travel it have very bad signals rang. rang come and drop, come and drop all the time.
Personally i feel CDMA phone is bit more safe then GSM.
If you short listed any CDMA Phone go for it.
where u using reliance CDMA? yeah, problem is CDMA OMH phone. even i am searching a good CDMA phone. worth of money. found CDMA phones are costly compared to GSM.