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Please rate your customer care services with reliance

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  1. gpganesh

    gpganesh New Member

    Please rate the levels of customer care of reliance. Please note all the problems that you are facing with the customer care. You are also welcome to share the grievances of customer care related issues here.
  2. gpganesh

    gpganesh New Member

    Voting Time

    Plz participate in this poll
  3. gardencityboy

    gardencityboy New Member

    Reliance customer care?

    Ganesh i think you are mistaken

    There is no such department in reliance called customer care
    I think reliance does not have the word "care" in their dictionary
  4. gpganesh

    gpganesh New Member


    Request all of you to participate in this poll.....
  5. sunil.nv

    sunil.nv New Member

    we are the best help

    I think this forum can or is the best "Customer Support Center". So lets help each other...


  6. saikirthi

    saikirthi New Member

    they never care...never ever have solved any querries or problems! I lost hope and faith with Reliance.:mad:
  7. gpganesh

    gpganesh New Member

    Bridge required between us and reliance

    There is a need for a bridge to voice our problems (recurring ones) to the local leads thru some means. I guess customer care should come out with a concept of a common bridge to take up such repetitive cases...

  8. gardencityboy

    gardencityboy New Member

    what makes you think that they care to address your problems

    if they care then the customer care would have been the bridge long time ago when they started this crap service
  9. bluetooth

    bluetooth New Member

    Refer to my posts elsewhere about contacting the Nodal Officer. Though it was not meant to be, the Nodal officer is now the bridge.

    My problems got resolved only after I spoke to the Nodal Officer.

  10. viper_in_blood

    viper_in_blood New Member

    the worst cc in all the networks n equal to bsnl ..they dont know anything just write down the complint( tht too incorrectly), give the complaint no (in some cases they didnt even botherd to give tht also) n afterwards no courtesy of calling back n even after 2 months the status of complaint is open.......
  11. gpganesh

    gpganesh New Member


    u r rite!. this is the fate of Dhirubai Ambani's dream....
  12. nascentmind

    nascentmind New Member

    Can the nodal officer solve the linux or router issue?

    So can we all complaint to the nodal officer of not getting an ip for non windows machines/ routers? If yes we can all collectively mail him about the problem and suggest cruisecontrol's solution to solve it.
  13. gardencityboy

    gardencityboy New Member

    hey i was just wondering
    Today i got a call for reliance to pay the bill

    of course i have not received the bill after all it is reliance

    Can i claim for waver for the bill
    I had seen some guys asking for 50 % waver for the connection

    I think should be able to get the waver as i have around 10 ticket numbers
  14. qhekaho

    qhekaho New Member

    Relliance the worst isp in the world

    I am a resident of Delhi. In the month of feb this year i signed up with reliance unlimited broadband because the sales guy kept pestering me for weeks to take an internet connection. I was asked to pay Rs.500 as installation charges. They assured me that my connection would be done in one week. Even after a lapse of one month nothing happened. One fine day workers came and installed cables and left assuring me that my connection would start working the next day. I tried using it but it was of no use. repeated complaints to the company yielded nothing. After two months i went ahead and applied to another ISP which has been providing me with very satisfactory service(Airtel). Calls to reliance to refund my money has fallen on deaf ears. Now all the phone numbers of the customer care representatives which i got has also stopped working ( i suspect they have my number and have blocked all calls from my number). I did not even get the free landline phone which was promised to me. After all my complaints all the representatives which earlier plagued my house have all disappeared. Now its the month of may, i still have not got my refund, no connection, btw the cable which they installed is still hanging at my place. It was the most irresponsible of Reliance to pester people and in the end disappear after having recieved the money. Im thinking of going to a consumer court and sue Reliance for all my time wasted and not delivering on their promises.It would be great if anyone can give me an idea on how to go about it. Im determined to make reliance pay for what they have done to me. My advice to all the people is Never ever make the mistake of signing up with reliance. You will surely be taken for a ride. Their motto of One India is really turning up to be Con india.
  15. gardencityboy

    gardencityboy New Member

    Lucky for you - you have airtel
    What about ppl like me no other ISP is available in my area
    I have to live with Reliance and their customer service :(
  16. saikirthi

    saikirthi New Member

    Yeah. Their customer (never)care sucks.. I have billing issues. The rep got 50 Rs from me for installation. The installation was done. But he never paid the amount. I got that 500 Rs included in my first bill. Rep said he'll take care.. But now, I get Rs.25 extra as penalty for not paying it! These guys suck big time! I've unsubscribed and have decided to pay out the 2nd month's bill too! They don't even have a policy for the customers. the reps are so dumb and careless.
  17. giri

    giri New Member

    Best part is they take the complaint, provide number and after two-three days of no action, when we followup for the complaint the status is "Complaint Closed to customers satisfaction" - RIDICULOUS (My Complaint Number 69572508)
  18. anusheri

    anusheri Member

    reliance is quite notorious for its billing problems whether it is BB or mobiles. I know instances of billing even before the connection is active..this guys are capable of nething.
  19. sam2008

    sam2008 New Member

    nowadays reliance customer care is not doing good service.bcz they have very large of customer base all over the india ,but they have very min no of exe...

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  20. lekhi123

    lekhi123 New Member

    Reliance Broadband Sucks

    Yeah people they are quiet useless people who are managing the broadband.
    From november i am facing the trouble with my ID . The rascals in the server department failed to bind my User id with proper privileges and now i am suffering. On an average i call the customer care 5 days a week and moreover they are more then happy to give me 5 different complaint no.

    They feel proud by registering my complaints as they had done something very big. The department is full of morons who are good for nonthing. That is why

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