Reliance Brodband Query related to WiFi

Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by gerbil, Nov 17, 2012.

  1. gerbil

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    Reliance Broadband Query related to WiFi

    I'm planning to get new Broadband connection from Reliance with new Thunder plans coming, currently, I am using MTNL with below setup:

    ADSL Modem : Sterlite SAM300AX (It doesn't have a RJ45 port on the WAN side, just a RJ11 where telephone wire fits in)
    Wireless Router : Netgear WGR614

    Had a with word Reliance tech guy who said connection would be made either using MEA or VLC, most probably MEA and no MODEM/ROUTER will be provided. Fiber will directly go at the back of my PC, this is to discourage multiple PC usage. He added Wireless will work easily with Netgear, just plug the fiber to WAN-side. He was busy so we had to leave it there.

    Now, my query is how will it work out for me going by current setup, as ADSL modem doesn't have MEA option nor a LAN port on the WAN side. Will the things work out with Netgear Router, as it is just a wireless router and doesn't have any of the options mentioned in the below link.

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  2. cool_techie_tvm

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    Reliance does not have any policies prohibiting sharing of the connection among multiple PCs in a house.
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    With MTNL you had broadband on copper based ADSL technology, but Reliance will provide you broadband on MEA or Metro Ethernet.In this technology, they may provide fiber upto subscriber premises and install a small Media Converter (Optical to Ethernet converter) at your premises and the LAN cable from the Media Converter can be directly connected to your PC.
    Also you may use it with multiple PCs or laptops by just connecting it with one of the LAN ports of your Sterlite modem & connect other PCs with LAN or Wifi.
    To connect to internet you have to login through Reliance portal after authenticating your username & password given by Reliance.
  4. gerbil

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    So you mean to say bro, connect RJ45 after going through convertor to one the LAN ports at the back on Sterlite modem and make necessary changes as mentioned in the link in my last post and connect another LAN port to Netgear router which is how things are currently working.

    Tell me if I am wrong.

  5. ramitzar

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    Yup correct, in this mode you are using only the router functionality of your Sterlite modem.
    Try it & keep us posted.
    Hope that helps !!

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