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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by Labchip, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. Labchip

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    Hi all,

    This is my first post to these forums.

    I have 2 broadband connections in Pune currently, one from Tata Indicom Broadband, and another from Reliance Broadnet. I have a 256 kbps unlimited connection from Tata Indicom (its really a strech of imagination calling 256 kbps broadband, but beggars can't really be choosers). From Reliance I have a 2mbps connection that is limited to 1GB of data transfer.

    I use a Xincom 502 dual WAN router to hook up to both my broadband accounts, and this in turn feeds into a Netgear wireless router. On my network I have a number of computers (Macs and PCs) and standalone IP devices (for audio, video, voice, etc).

    The router is designed to provide load balancing, QoS as well as automatic failover redudancy in case one broadband connection should go down (which happens far more frequently than I like).

    I have setup the Tata Indicom connection to be my primary connection, with the Reliance one kicking in only if I need the additional bandwidth or if the Tata one dies. In general this setup works pretty well ... the one major drawback is the pesky login that the reliance network needs. If I am at home using a computer it is a relatively simple matter to click on the login button. However if its only the non-computer IP devices that are running, or if I am accessing my network from outside, it becomes rather inconvenient.

    My questions are:

    1) Is it possible to circumvent this need to login? Is it possible to get into the administration page of the Reliance UTStarcom UT-300R2 ADSL Modem?

    2) If it isn't possible to circumvent this login, how long does the login on the Reliance connection hold if no packets are being sent through? Can it be left always on?

    2) If this is not possible, are there any other broadband providers that can provide similar throughput without need for a web login? (PPPoE authentication is fine - my router can do that automagically)

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. wtf

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    Login Page Bypass

    have the reliance broadnet in 3 different location for work and home.

    And successfully installed the Linksys WRTGL wireless router and a home grown linux based router.

    In all cases the WAN (internet) connection is DHCP. On powerup the router acquires the external IP address and DNS information using DHCP. The lan side is using NAT where the subnet is As long this is setup correctly all the computers on lan should theoretically be able to connect to internet.

    Reliance connection scheme.
    DSL-- > [Modem]< -- DHCP --> [Router] < -- NAT/DHCP --> [Workstations]

    Now there is just one more step to connect workstations to the internet. The reliance broadnet connection page. The first workstation wil see this page and has to login. Other workstations wont have to repeat this. It's pretty annoying as the connection times out in 15 minutes. The fucker who thought of this is pure idiot. We have a static ip and need to provide incoming access and the stupid network is timed out.

    It is a non standard way of authenticating, no router in the world supports it. The standard ways are PPPoE, PPTP, LT2P, Radius etc. After some digging around I found that the login page is posting "username" and "password" to this url

    So to make a workaround I wrote a script that makes this submit with the reliance username and password. And run it as a cron job every 10 minutes on one of the servers. Now the session never times out and no one has to see the dumb login screen. Of course I use linux machines so it's very easy to do it. If someone is interested I can share the script.

  3. bluetooth

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  4. wtf

    wtf New Member

    Yes it not possible to circumvent the login page, yet !! However you can let a script keep logging you in every few minutes, so the connection is always active.

    BSNL does PPPoE
  5. Labchip

    Labchip New Member

    Finally after several months - some useful replies !! Thanks guys :)

  6. grenades911

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    Hi WTF,
    with reference to the above article you have posted, I would be interested in knowing the script you have made to stay logged on to reliance and not let the connection time out. Also I would like to know, would I need to log on once initially, or do I not need to see that login screen ever again?

    Awaiting your kind response.
    Thank you.
    Shiva Saigal

    Please reply to my email if that is the most convenient for you.
  7. wtf

    wtf New Member

    Script Login

    This command will log you in

    curl -F username=myloginname -F password=mypassword \

    you can put this in a cron job that runs every 10 minutes. If you are not comfortable cron jobs, then use a loop in a script with sleep.

    I think curl is also available for windows.
  8. wastred

    wastred New Member

    Not working

    I tried using curl for it, as you said, and it didn't work. The shell executes the command and goes to the next line, but i don't get logged in :confused:

    Please help...
  9. wastred

    wastred New Member

  10. Markus

    Markus New Member

    Hi wastred,

    can you post the solution you found?

    Is there another option for automatic login, for example using nc instead of curl?
    Reason for the question: my router (AVM Fritz Box) has nc installed, but not curl.

    Thanks and Regards, Markus
  11. Markus

    Markus New Member


    I found the correct curl command line:

    ./curl  -d "username=Username&password=Password" [url][/url]
    so only one question is left, can I do the same with nc?

  12. m0rphis

    m0rphis Guest

    Linksys wrt54g router

    the connection neva times out using the Linksysy WRTG54g router in my case though...
  13. bluetooth

    bluetooth New Member

    What setting have you given in the router ?
  14. karan_intouch

    karan_intouch New Member


    Can you please suggest how to configure the router with reliance broadband?

  15. karan_intouch

    karan_intouch New Member

    Can please provide the url to logoff as well?


  16. saigadu

    saigadu New Member

    Help please

    Hello friends.

    I'm using reliance broadband, i've to goto to login. The problem is this page won't open in linux. It's working fine in windows.
    So i'm unable to access the internet from linux.Please Help!!!!!
  17. rk07

    rk07 New Member

    hi every1,
    i am also a victim of the reliancebroadband ISP. i also have an unlimited plan but it logs me out after every 6 hours. .... so i need something that will keep me logged in 24x7...
    previously i just used to do it manually after every 5 hours... but sometimes the reliance login page just doesn't open...:mad:
    i read your solutions but i am a noob in programming stuff...i dont know how he hell to run the cron job:confused:..please would someone explain in plain ENGLISH language how to do the cron job thing..if it isn't too much to ask....

  18. cshmech

    cshmech New Member

    Hey, im also havin the same problem.. loggs out every 6 hrs.. Im not a programming stuff... Can anyone please explain me how to do this in plain ENGLISH. Or you can mail me at:
  19. mumbaindude

    mumbaindude New Member

    Automated Login for Tata Indicom too???

    I'm a customer with Tata Indicrap and get logged off in exactly the same manner described in this thread. I too have absolutely NO knowledge about programming but am SO very frustrated here!

    Could someone please post a method to automatically keep logging into the Tata Indicom web login PLEASE!!! Pretty please!!!

    Thanks in advance!
  20. cshmech

    cshmech New Member

    Sorry man. this is reliance broadband forum....
    see where you are posting

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