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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by Parminder, Feb 25, 2006.

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    Tariff PlanOur tariff plans are designed to suit every pocket and have been customised to meet your speed and spend requirements.


    Note: Subscriber's experience of Internet may vary depending on PC configuration, Internet performance beyond Reliance network and website/ server being accessed. The service is available for homes and offices and not for cyber cafes or any other form of reseller. Use of service is subject to Reliance acceptable user policy.

    * TRAI has classified speeds greater than or equal to 256 Kbps as broadband.
    Minimum PC Configuration
    Pentium; 32 Mb RAM; 2 GB HDD; OS: Windows 9x; Ethernet LAN Card (10/100Base T) with TCP/IP support. Browser: Internet Explorer, Netscape.

    Recommended PC Configuration

    Pentium IV 2 Ghz or higher; 256 Mb RAM; 40 GB HDD; OS: Win 2K/ XP, Ethernet LAN Card (10/100Base T) with TCP/IP support & Browser Internet Explorer 6.0.
  2. nimisha

    nimisha Guest

    what is the contact info to get a connection in bangalore?
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    For registration, call them by dialling *334 from a Reliance phone or 3033 3434 from any other phone or Email us at
    hope that solves your problem

    that number above is for mumbai so give them a ring and get the number for banglore
  4. Netizen

    Netizen Guest

    wat is the download limit in the schemes u have mentioned and any one having any idea as to how is the service provided and their billing is that improved??
  5. Admin

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    The prices i have posted here are old as I posted these back in Feb I will make a new thread with the current prices and packages soon :)
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  7. Dante

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  8. Netizen

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  9. Dante

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    Anytime bro......
  10. tinkurajesh

    tinkurajesh New Member

    r u a dealer for reliance broadnet
  11. viper_in_blood

    viper_in_blood New Member

    hey guys any chng in bnet plans of preaid?????
  12. TheMask

    TheMask New Member

    New Price is 300KBPS = Rs.999
  13. viper_in_blood

    viper_in_blood New Member


    this is in postpaid....i want for prepaid.....
  14. anusheri

    anusheri Member

    it is now 400kbps =rs. 999
  15. viper_in_blood

    viper_in_blood New Member

    but guys onsite they r just not updating the plans.....
  16. viper_in_blood

    viper_in_blood New Member

    plus i m not getting the updated speed ..........
  17. TheMask

    TheMask New Member

    holyshit reliance r effing morongs didn't updated my tariff plan :mad: so now i have to call rel care tell them.. to change my bloody pla to 400KBPS :mad: Thx mate for info
  18. viper_in_blood

    viper_in_blood New Member

    hey guys today confirmed frm cc ,,the plan changes r affected in postpaid only no plan chnges for prepaid .....
  19. TheMask

    TheMask New Member

    NO ! Its not 400KBPS ! it still 300KBPS = now its Rs.799

    received Info. from Rel. Care
  20. BradEuk

    BradEuk New Member

    I think they should increase the Speed that they provide in INdia.

    Its high time they do the same.


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