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Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by Parminder, Jan 29, 2007.

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    First of all I would like to say hello to all the members as its been a long time since I posted anything.
    Here is some good news for all of you who are having a hard time choosing an isp to go with so I came up with this wicked idea to get a connection each from every isp in my area here at my parents house in New Delhi and the first one I am going to check out is Reliance broadband.

    For all those who are looking for reviews about Reliance broadband This is THE thread to watch..

    I called up reliance broadband at this number 022-3033 7777 as this was the only number mentioned for broadband services on thier website.
    I made this call at 21:00 IST on the 27th of JAN and here is the rest of the story...

    Took about 40 seconds to get through to this girl who sounded very polite and had a very good customer focused attitude although I could spot that she was new at this job.
    I said to her that I would like to see if reliance provides thier broadband services in my area and she replied there are two types of services one wireless and the other is provided using cables and I said if she could let me know about both of them and she promptly replied that she only deals with the cable thinggy and I will have to call up another number if I want the wireless option so she started with asking my postal code and found that only prepaid services are available which is fair enough.
    She gave me a brief idea of all the prepaid packages they have one by one and I picked up the 300kbps connection which she said will cost me Rs40 a day which isint bad.
    There is a Rs500 installation charge as well she said and I agreed to take this package so she took down my address and name and all that stuff and said thier rep will visit my place within 72 hours time(which ends at 21:00 30th of Jan) and when enquired about how long would it take for me to get connected she said it will all be done within 7 days time (scary shit isint it?) and I asked the same question again and the answer was again exactly the same 7 DAYS.
    So guys a bit of waiting time to see if Reliance guys keep up to thier 72 hours promise and will see how it goes after that and how long they actually take to pull a cable into my house.

    This is not the only isp I am going to try,I am going to get a connection from each and every isp available in my area and also write about isp's which are not available and what they said about comming to my area.
    This first hand isp review will go on for a complete 6 months for each isp and if you are a blogger please be kind and link to this thread from your blog so every one can know whats going on :)
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    Hi guys who have been waiting to see if they turned up at my place or not..

    The good news is that Reliance is no different to any other Indian company who doesnt give two shits about its customers lol

    No one turned up here even after 72 hours went past ticking its way to create another unhappy applicant as I am sure there must be other who have been through this...

    I called up Reliance customer care again today to see whats going on and spoke to Usha at thier call centre who said she has farwarded the request again to thier sales department and they will get in touch with me asap...

    I didnt stop at this coz Reliance is one of my all time favourate stock on BSE :)
    I went a step furthur to give them a bit of a liverage may be this would help ... I sent the following message using thier contact us option from thier website :

    I am a webmaster and one of my sites is conducting a review on all the isp's in India and you guys being one of them I have applied for a connection with you guys aswell.Its been more then 72 hours since I made the first call and no sign of you representative yet,I called up your call centre again today to see whats going on and spoke to Usha who said she has farwarded the request again to the sales department.
    Here is the link to the Review page :

    PS: we rank No3 on google for 'reliance broadband' search Hope that rings some bells.

    Kind Regards
    Parminder Chahal

    The No3 position I am talking about has just changed recently to no3 coz this site used to rank no1 for the last 3 months but me being a bit lazy lately the ranks have slipped but I am working on it again :) and we shall bring this page to no 1 for any one searching for reliance broadband on google so any one looking for a connection from them will read this review first and I am sure 50% of the people who read reviews like this one change thier minds if it comes from a reliable source which I think we are...

    Still hoping for the best and waiting for the sales rep from Reliance :)
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    Its been two months since reliance promised me a call back within 72 hours and a connection within 7 days and I am still waiting for thier phone call..

    I hate to say that reliance broadband is not something I would recomend to anyone looking for a new connection as they failed to get in touch with me even after repeated requests.

    I will give them a few more calls before I pull the plug on them.

    For those who dont know :This forum ranks No1 on for search "reliance broadband" so reliance is not doing any good to themselves by ignoring me as a new customer.
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    I am in the mood to bet today :), so I will bet you will end up pulling the plug on them !!!!

    I am an existing Reliance Broadband user and though there are no problems in the service as such, everything else sucks.

    I applied based on a flier left in my postbox. I called the no. and a person came on the same day and I filled up the form and gave the cheque.
    That was the last promptness shown by Reliance till date :) After that I had to call atleast 25 times to different Reliance people to get the connection. Many times I was told someone would call back to me and let me know the status, but no such thing happened.
    Whole process time - roughly about a month.
    I am sure if I hadn't pursued, the connection would not have come.

    A friend of mine and my neighbor, who opted for Reliance connection about a month ago now are still awaiting a "call back" from Reliance !

    Their help desk is rubbish, their billing system is completely messed up. Every month I have to call them to send me the bill (which takes 3 days to come by email :)) and 4 days by courier.

    There is no facility to view your bill on their website :eek:
    There is a create user facility, but that leads to nowhere!

    They are upgrading everybody to the 2Mbps plan (i am already on that plan) and they still are "working" out how much should be the upload speed !
    When I called customer care, they told me they dont know.

    I think Reliance is confused. They are not too sure if they want to be in the consumer broadband business and hence are not aggressively pushing the service. Therefore probably theres not too much focus and I guess accountability on how the whole broadband business is working.

    Of course this is no excuse for the current state of affairs. There are existing users after all and new ones being added albeit at a slow pace!!!!

    I have no idea why there is no concern in the organisation about their image/business losing face/credibility due to all this.

    Just thought I would add my 2 bits....

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    i think we both r on the same boat..........they told me reliance will come after around 15 days to my area but that 15 days have led to 2 months wait..........currently i m using hotwire direct ltd which i heard has been taken either by MTNL/BSNL and really want to give a try to reliance as airtel is not available in my area........

    BTW Admin where do u live??is it anyway near N.Delhi(Hansraj College)
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    Hi guys,

    I have filled the form for reliance broadband connection yesterday(12-may-2007). From the talk in this house, I m not going to get it soon.
    But it is okay with me, as i just wanted to try Reliance for speed and connectivity for a month. That is why i have opted for the Rs.400/75kb unlim plan.
    I am already using the Rs.900/256kb unlim BSNL plan. :D

    The only thing i wanted to check was the upload speed from Reliance, as i m getting only 6-8 kb upload and about 30 kb download from BSNL.

    We do not have Airtel in our area yet, i called them like 10 months ago and they said they are about to come. lol
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    This thread is a very good concept and very useful.

    I am new to Chennai and wat to take a reliable and good broadband connection. Wish someone could help!
  8. mmm

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    ^ Airtel and BSNL - these two can be considered as the
    reliable and good broadband internet providers in Chennai .
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    Sixth month going and still no response from reliance broadband.Hope this review is helping those three thousand odd people who viewed this thread and thousands more who will in future.

    If reliance wants to save thier ass after all this, Give me a fuckin connection for me to see what your services are like as I can only talk about the initial response or no response rather for the time being. :)
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    It is quite wierd, I had emailed them asking for a connection and received a reply within 3 days. Connection not feasible!
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    I suppose its all down to your local sales team and the guys in my area never bothered to give me an answer.
    I will give reliance a call today for the last time.
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    Extremely poor customer service


    I took reliance around 1.5 months ago and today I finally asked customer service to disconnect my connection. Why?, read on....

    1. I already had a reliance phone line and was interested in getting a broadband (because their plans were very good). I already was using Airtel (was very satisfied with Airtel's service, but their plans are a little expensive).

    2. I filled the cheque and I specifically asked connection to be done on the existing reliance phone live. Their exec assured me the same.

    3. After followup of 10 days....wiring was done....but they had also installed a new phone line along with the internet connection. I called up the exec and his boss, but no one returned my call. After trying for 5 days....finally went to their local center. Their I spoke to some people and came to know that exec. has "intentionally" installed the new line to meet his sales target. I asked them to disconnect the phone line and shift the broadband connection to my old phone line. They said its not possible and asked me to get the old phone line disconnected....and they will enable the old phone no on the new line.

    I agreed to this absurd idea.......after 10 calls (to their exec), my no finally got changed after a month.

    4. ISSUE in plan change:
    I requested for the plan change as from unlimited download (300 KBPS speed) to limited download (2 Mbps speed). They changes the plan in 5 days but my speed was never upgraded. I am still getting 200-270 KBPS.
    Even after following this case for past 24 days.....calling their Helpdesk 12 TIMES.....asking this case to be ESCALATED 4 times....speaking to their Supervisors twice......NOTHING was done. In face when I today called them, they said that my request was already closed and I should be getting the correct speed.

    5. ISSUE in Wiring:
    When installing was done, landline was also installed (as I mentioned earlier). When I called them to correct the wiring (person had installed the phone in the wrong room), they told me that they will charge 500 rs. I said that this mistake was done by them at the time of installation, so WHY should I pay??
    Their exec took my request and said that some one will be their within 24 hrs to correct the wiring. Today is the 7th day and still no one has come. ( I had called them twice already for this issue). When I finallly called them today and spoke to their supervisor.....she said that this case has already been closed. As per company policy, I have to pay 500 RS (even thought they messed up the wiring). I was so fed up that I asked the connection to be disconnected.

    Some points to note:
    1. I face issued in all the requested I raised with their Helpdesk.
    2. Their is serious deficiencies in their support model. No matter the no of times you call up the Helpdesk, no one comes to rectify the issue.

    I remember the service I used to get from Airtel...If I call Airtel customer care at 11 AM ...their support engineer comes by 4 PM (in 6 Hrs straight). Also I received a confirmatory call from their Helpdesk asking if the issue has been resolved to my satisfaction. In my 2years exp with Airtel broadband, I never faced issue with their customer service.

    In reliance.....their is ABSOLUTELY no system. Their support engineers simply don't matter the no of times you call their Helpdesk. I took the reliance thinking I was taking internet from the company having the most technically advance infrastructure.......but today I am a very dissatisfied person.

    Please go with reliance at your own risk. In normal course....their service works fine, but if you face any issue, you will be frustrated by their Customer care.

    Archit Goel,
    Gurgaon, Haryana
  13. sidcool007

    sidcool007 New Member

    Hopefully i will get a connection in 4-5days....they came to my house for verification and all:)
  14. kpbhatt

    kpbhatt New Member

    i am facing a huge issue and its not got to do with Reliance -- its my builder for my new flat who has allowed only reliance to lay cabling in the apt complex -- so now neither BSNL or Airtel are ready to enter it and Reliance gets some monopoly at their end for all broadband and landline connection requests
  15. rahul.kkale

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    The worst services anybody can provide

    Hi guys.. i m the sufferer of worst services by reliance
    Reliance has again standup to its bad name. i m reliance wi-max customer since last 4 months, n faced tremendous amount of problems. i had took connection because of expectation that i can get better services, but it was totally opposite. a long chain of events starting from getting connection which took 15 days of frequent recall(answer was sudden surge in demand, so no equipments available). after getting connection, it was frequent dis connection then once get connected , speed was very slow(was getting at max 80 kbps for connection of 300kbps). then after 3 months, i could not access service at all, it was showing unidentified network. customer care service is more worst than that, after calling for 4 times they connected me to technical dept, which couldnot solve my problrm but promised to send a engineer( so called) to check it. after 2 days that guy(i wont call him even engineer) came, n coulnt understood the problem, so went back after promising that he will comeback after 3 days. he came back on 4 th day.. did something(donno what) went to see reciever on terrace and told that he is going to see the "tower". after that he never returned. after frequent call to call center the standerd reply was it will satar with in 24 hours. but those 24 hours never ended. When i asked to connect to some senior person in call center, they put me on hold, n in rage i hold the call for 56 min, i called again after my petience gave up the call went to some new person getting same reply, agin asked to connect to some manager.. samething happend.. call on hold for an hour.... i again called customer support n this time challenged that poor call center guy to connect me to manager.. but that manager didnt had guts or courage to speak to customer:mad:. since 11 days i m suffering from the connection still no action has been taken.
    I requset all those who are even thinking of taking reliance broadband connection to please please resist yourslef from getting mentally harrassed. those are usless people over there. please go for Airtel or any other connection available as i m doing. again i m saying please.
  16. madhu_kc47

    madhu_kc47 New Member

    Happy with Reliance Wimax

    Hi., everyone...
    I want to share my personal openion about Wimax...
    I am using wimax connection from last 1 & half month... Its working really good for me... I went to many ISP (Airtel, Sify, Tata Indicom, Hatway..) and asked for the net connection in my area, after asking my address everybody told me the same story,, we r sorry,, Because I stay @ a remote place outside Bangalore.. Surrounding to my building there is full of trees in every direction for:confused: 2 miles...
    After this without much chocice i called for Reliance Wimax.. They told me S U can Get.. I was surprised and asked them 2 to 3 times for confermation...
    In the next day itself i filled the form and got my connection in 25 days, after giving torcher to them by calling every day after 20days..
    Its really:D to tel u people.. A engineer came to install, after comming all the way inside the forest, His first Question to me was Sir Where is ur room, In the top floor No. He directly went to the terrace and was searching for their Reliance main towers.. At first he was also not confident.. After scraching his head for 4 hours, he some how got a signal & installed it and ran away..

    Even i also faced some of the problems which has been stated in this forum..
    Problem like Limited or No connectivity,, IP address,, Helpless costumer care..
    For the 1st time problem i faced was due to bad weather & was solved in 26 hours, for the 2nd time due to power failure and lost connection and was solved in 10 hours,, for the 3rd time a Guy from Technical support who knows a littlebit solved my problem in 5 minutes..
    In case of difficulty go through the solution given by mOrphis (they R really good)..

    I have taken 300 Kbps Unlimited plan and the speed i am getting is good.. even though i am miles away.. I have shared this connection for four pc and speed has reduced, but workable..

    With regards
  17. Shilpi Jain

    Shilpi Jain New Member

    Pathetic Customer Support

    I had been using Reliance Broadband for last 5 months. First month was full of issues but finally they got resolved.

    Now, for last 1 month and 10 days my connection has not been working. I have made at least 15 calls during this time and I every time I am promised that I will be contacted by Tech team by 10 AM next day, but no calls.

    Finally I asked them to disconnect if they refund my installation charges, but they are not ready to do that also!

    RELIANCE - NOT RECOMMENDED AT ALL. It is worse than BSNL in CS.:mad:
  18. paradox

    paradox New Member

    Complete Sh!t

    Ahem ...... I would like to B!tch about Reliance Broadband please but first a lttle bit of history, I had Airtel broadband and ive been using it for close to three years now , Amazing customer service acceptable speed (256 kbps unlimited) with 512 kbps at night (which is excellent) for me being a bit of a internet pirate (My apologies to the admin) , okay 10 th october , without informing me airtel discontinued the 512 kbps at night sh!t and Astonishingly:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: my speed wnt down to 10 kilo"BITS" per damn second .
    Being my greedy self that same day the reliance sales dude popped in my place and i applied for the 300 kbps unlimited thinking that maybe 'reliance is the best isp in the country' and ill live happily ever after with my unlimited high speed broadband , but i was wrong

    Install My Damn Broadband Reliance!! , Its been 42 days now and the salesguy was confident ill be using it in six days , SIX DAYS!! thats something for exaggeration oh and yeah i feel the need to cuss at reliance all day long but i cant call them cause the friggin customer service is in BOMBAY and its "Burn a hole in your pocket" expensive for delhiites

    Seriously man ive been having doubts about reliance since the "audio clip" came out and i opted for reliance against all odds and i was wrong .

    P.S : a note for the admin , whoever you are please dont bleep out the cuss words cause reliance deserves this
  19. Anupam Gupta

    Anupam Gupta New Member

    These People are Cheaters/insensitive/incompetitive.

    Dear Dude,


    The Reliance Broadnet people are really hopeless people. I even approached to their Nodal Office (Ms. Ritu Chopra's office) in New Delhi. All staff was ill-behaved having no manners.

    When they understood my number and my complaints, they even stopped to pick up the phone. When confronted by changing my calling numbers frequently, the answer was that "It is our prerogative whether to deal with your problem or not" in very abusive language.

    Even their, so called, appellate authority, Mr. Anil Kaila, has also not been able to solve any of my problems so far.

    And you would be wondering about my problems. First one was to change my plan to unlimited as they cheated at the time installation by informing about the download data value (which actually is data transfer value, double or may be many times more than actual download) which we compared with MTNL download (which actually is download). The request was registered vide request no. 60852815, dated 25.12.2007. This is yet to happen, even after vigorous follow-ups on phone/mail/fax after elapsing of more than 37 days (actually could have happened in 1 hour).

    Another major issue is that these cheaters are charging me for the fixed-line phone also which has never been applied for, never got installed and never got mentioned in any paper signed by me. The complaint registered vide 62275126, without any result.

    These people even are not bothering to disconnect the line also for which request got registered vide request no. 61545315, dated 06.01.08.

    Absolutely useless, insensitive, below par, incompetitive service by Reliance Boradnet.

    Beleive me all these private ISP's are bunch of cheaters. MTNL/BSNL despite of all problems, still the best choice.

    What you people say? Write to me.

    Anupam Gupta
  20. bluetooth

    bluetooth New Member

    Absolutely agree with you !!! Though the speeds I get & my connection are fine, their customer service is the worst in the WHOLE world. I am arguing with them for the past 2 months as I have >30% packet loss. They have closed 10 complaints so far without my problem getting rectified. They also dont allow calls to go any higher than floor supervisor of the call centre.

    How do you find out the Nodal officer/Appellate authority ? I am in Pune so I guess they would be different for me no ?


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