Reliance broadband+ freezes Windows 7 completely!

Discussion in 'Reliance Netconnect' started by avindos, Dec 24, 2010.

  1. avindos

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    Recently I bought Reliance netconnect broadband+ datacard (2 weeks old). The model is ZTE AC2736 3.1 Mbps. I have Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

    When I plug-in the datacard the software starts immediately. The moment it starts, the OS freezes/hangs completely. I have never been able to connect to internet.

    I have installed the driver that they have given. I guess they have provided the drivers of AC2726. I am not sure though.

    Please help me guys! Else I will have to sell this one!

  2. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    Try in SAFE mode with internet connection.

    Presume worked earlier for two weeks.
    then try a System Restore. to an earlier date.
  3. avindos

    avindos New Member

    thx essbebe.

    But I tried something diff and it started working! I tried installing the modem without the UI and was successful on that :) so the culprit was the UI - the software provided by ZTE corp. Was not compatible with Win 7.. atleast in this case..
    Now I am able to browse internet.
  4. anuja.khemka

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    i am facing the same problem.. can you please tell me how did you install it without the UI??
  5. siddharth.varma

    siddharth.varma New Member

    Hey go on Reliance's website and see if the FAQs can help you with this. They have put up a few troubleshooting tips on it
    Go to RComm > Homepage > Internet > Wireless Internet > FAQs

    Hope this helps
  6. essbebe

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  7. essbebe

    essbebe LEARNER

    checked FAQ's no info.
  8. avindos

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    ZTE Reliance Driver without UI

    Sorry guys.. didn't check this thread since long time..

    I would suggest either of 2 things..

    First and best option.. Throw away your reliance datacard and go for a Airtel/BSNL broadband or Tata photon+

    just kidding...:D

    To operate the ZTE driver without the UI, you have to follow these simple steps..
    1. Install the Reliance Net Connect software
    2. Go to C:\Program Files\Reliance Netconnect Broadband+\bin
    3. Rename App.exe to some thing else.. say App001.exe
    4. Create a new dial-up connection with #777 as dialer and your reliance no as username and password.
    5. Plugin your device. The software will not come-up automatically
    6. Connect the dial-up that you have created.. enjoyy....
  9. manojdjoshi

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    [ Driver] India Reliance AC2736 UI-V1.0.38
    Description:It can support Window(Windows2000,WinXP,Vista,Win7),MAC (10.5,10.6.0,10.6.1,10.6.2),Linux(Unbuntu804,Unbuntu904,Fedora9,Fedora10,Fedora11,Opensuse11.1)
    Update:2011-05-11 12:42
    direct download link
    w w
    go this page and download driver for your any zte modem driver for your data card
    w w]ZTEMT-Download

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