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Discussion in 'Reliance 3G' started by Arsh Dhillon, May 30, 2012.

  1. Arsh Dhillon

    Arsh Dhillon New Member

    Hi Guys,
    I am New on ****************** My only Hope for My Problem,

    Okay Now the Matter is My Reliance 3G Speed,

    I live in an Area Where there is No Wired Internet Connection Available, (Farms out of Patiala City)
    So i Bought a Reliance 3G Sim + Datacard
    There was No Signal of Reliance 3G in My Area (I didnt knew it ;) )

    Well somehow i got Success in Signal issue by Using a Dish Antenna and a 3m USB Cable With my Usb modem.
    In These two Months i was Getting Speed of 12-16 Mbps on 21.6 Mbps Modem, (Data Plan 15 GB for Rs 1300, Expensive )

    Well About Seven Days Ago My Speed Suddenly Decreased,
    And now i am Getting Max Speed of 512kb on 21.6 Mbps Modem :'(

    I thought that must be Problem with Reliance Servers,

    But 5 Days Ago i Noticed that My 3g Speed was 5Mbps in Patiala City on 7.2 Mbps Samsung Galaxy Ace Mobile Phone,

    So i told Customer Care About My Problem They Just made Complaints and No Action were Taken,
    They told me that i'll get a Call from Technical Support But nothing At all
    Even Deadline of 3 Days Passed and My Speed is Still not Approaching More than 512kb

    Solutions I've Tried:

    Switching Computer
    Reinstalling Windows
    Switching Modem
    Switching USB Cable
    Switching Sim Card (Not to Another Operator, Just tried using another Reliance 3G Sim Card)

    Well Now You Guys are My only Hope Because i am Tired of Asking Reliance About My Problem,

    My Reliance 3G Sim No.: +917307343893
    My Area: 16 KM From Patiala
    Max Signal I Was Getting: 98%

    If anyone Faced Same Problem in Past Please Let me Know!

    Sorry if my English is not Well to Understand!

  2. com100

    com100 New Member

    Kiddan?(How?) :confused: I have been thinking of something in the same lines. You see, I don't trust the sales pitch at the reliance stores and even for a demo at the shop that might be prospective, I may never know how it'd perform at home! Take Netconnect+ for instance, say, it performs at 2mbps at the Reliance store but back home if it turns out to 500kbps?

    I was thinking of filling one of those forms on Reliance website that in turn would send me a reseller at home and I could test the Dongle/device or whatever for the speeds, a demo? Also, Netconnect+ and 3G seem to be having the same prepaid Recharge Vouchers. So, as I understand, Netconnect+ runs on CDMA technology and the other is obviously 3G. Both being different technologies with 3G having the higher bandwidth as of now?(Netconnect+ = 3.1mbps & 3G at around 21mbps) In that case I need to check the network potential of both these different technologies before settling for either one!

    Now, for the contraption you managed to set up, :-D I had something like this in mind...

    I stay at a single floor house in an area where there aren't many high rising buildings and for Mobile Phone network I would just need to climb a few steps to the terrace, and that, only should there be a need! Otherwise, a basic Reliance phone at home has always displayed a mighty and full network bar! I don't suppose having a good reception on a CDMA phone translates to good Netconnect+ speed as well?

    For my take on the contraption, I was wondering that if a Reliance dongle doesn't give good speed, I could take a 10 feet USB 2.0 A-A(male-female) cable and extend the dongle's position to a suitable height. I also happen to have a TATA Sky dish- Does that help in some way like you did something with a dish?
  3. Arsh Dhillon

    Arsh Dhillon New Member

    Listen if You wanna use 10 Meter Cable then i prefer you using a "Powered USB Cable" You can search on ebay for this.

    If you use simple unpowered 10 meter USB then your Data rate would be so slow that you would not be able to even Connect to Internet.

    I recommend you Using 3 Meter.

    A Dish antenna can increase Your Signal by 2.5x if placed in Correct Direction (Direction Matters)

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