Reliance 3G is giving highest speed than any other 3G USB sticks

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    I am from Mumbai and I am using Reliance 3G data card and it is giving me high-speed wireless internet access at an unrestricted speed upto 18Mbps. We can use 3G phone as a modem by connecting it to PC/laptop. Even we can also insert Reliance 3G SIM into a USB data card and use the 3G Mobile Broadband data service.

    Reliance Netconnect 3G has highest speed of 21.6Mbps ..... but Tata photon does not have 3G so it’s highest speed is only upto 3.1 Mbps and lowest speed 144 Kbps. that means reliance is much better than tata photon.

    Some more qualities of reliance 3Gdata card what I feel about it:
    In Reliance 3G there is no restriction on speed. You get the best speeds (upto 18 Mbps), fastest download and upload and most widespread pan-India coverage.

    2.Network and Connection:
    Reliance 3G gives multimedia services also...If you have a 3G phone then you will see a small symbol on your phone. This symbol is usually a small ‘3G’ sign on the upper left corner of your screen. Depending on the handset, it can also appear as ‘3.5G’ or ‘3G+’ if he is in areas with faster speed coverage.

    3.Customer service:
    once i called to customer care service about my speed issue they got information about me and my product very quick. one good thing about reliance customer care service is their software you just have to remember your complain number, once you have give your customer number then they are able to fish it out all information. We can call any customer care for giving free demo regarding the speed of the product.

    Reliance 3G Prepaid and Postpaid Bundled Packs are availabe..... there is no changes for Voice and SMS tariff and it will be charged as Reliance GSM 2G Plan and customer can clubbed Reliance 3G data plans as their needs and suitability. Plans are available nationwide roaming facility that means zero rupees for the roaming. Postpaid unlimited plan are available jus for Rs.399 onwards.
    There are 3G service Combo plans with bundled tariff that include Voice, Data and SMS, starting from Rs.100/-. The Default data charges will be 10p/10KB up to first 50 MB usage. The Voice call and SMS charges will be charged as per Reliance 2G tariff plans.

    There are two models for different 3G speed access. Reliance 3G Data Card Price for speed up to 7.2 Mbps speed – Rs.2,599 and Reliance 3G Data Card Price for speed up to 21.6 Mbps speed – Rs.4,499. it is expensive but still affordable hope reliance will reduced the price of product very soon.

    3G has a better coverage and works also with a broader range of mobile devices. With a Mobile Broadband dongle, we will connected to the internet everywhere there is Reliance 3G coverage (speed varies according to their area, just like Wi-Fi).

    I think you should have to give one chance to Reliance to prove that what they are talking and promising about the product is true. It has lots of plans available at very low cost. I am quite happy with this product as my personal experience is good till now. So I recommend this product for every high-speed internet users to give atleast one try of Reliance 3G.:cool:
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    reliance Representative

    He is a reliance representative... whatever u r Don`t care but thy are not providing better plan as MTNL has.
  3. vinit

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    dude its a miracle post your speed test results over here let everyone see it.
  4. mickey

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    lets see some feedback from other Mumbai users as well.. :)
  5. logiccool

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    any one can provide higher speeds but what matters most to me is that who can provide unlimited plan with affordable tariffs. Till now only MTNL has done that.Others are still involved in looting the customers.
    Rs 750pm. is MTNL's price. and no other stands nearer to it.
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    Reliance is misleading

    I am from West Bengal...My speednet test results shows like downtime 0.04-0.30 max and uptime is similar.i tried pasting the teset results but then cant paste url untill 15 posts or something stops me...and the worse part of reliance is their customer care....its more like problem escalating than solving.....they just makes u to call againg and again and finally after days they take down ur complain,Boy ull feel relieved untill u hear the turnaround time for ur complaint ...4 days STAY AWAY FROM RELIANCE
  7. mickey

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    Thats an ad or something??

    because most of the places i have used this reliance 3G service i got just average or below average speed..

    thanks i just tried with others' not bought:)
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    when it is coming to 3g
  9. mayurdange

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    I agree.. I too only check for unlimited plans .. and with reliance I won't any way go for any limited postpaid plan.. (because of my previous experience with reliance..)
  10. crish123

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    Reliance 3G

    The Reliance 3G Video Calling charges are similar to Tata Docomo but not cheap or affordable as state run Pan India 3G Mobile Service...Reliance's 3G service is currently....
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    Ahahahaha moonset is lying out of his @$$

    But lets not blame him/her too much, maybe he is desperately in need of money and thats why he agreed to lie like this on a publuc forum of smart people, but i simply loved the wsy his lie was smashed down right from the first reply, i salute the better sense and judgement of all you people. It is reliance that should be abused for using such filtht tactics and lies to promote their products, this guy/girl simply wrote an article in their favour in exchange for money,the company us the criminal for trying to do this. Reliance means the worst chinese equipment, worst human resources, worst customer care and the biggest hype. They primarily spend on advertising instead of creating a better technoligy. To them it is a game of numbers. Im from Surat and i use BSNL 3G even though they have stopped unlimited plans and the government employees and customer service is crass here too but 100 times better than reliance, at least BSNL people just avoid work and are lazy, reliance wale toh jhooth bolenge, act rude and make u tear your hair with their swindling tactics besides avoiding work too
  12. mahesh_p_k

    mahesh_p_k Guest

    Not true

    I just got the 3G data card for 2000/- and and 750/- monthly data plan for 2GB (i was told they do not have prepaid plan, however you can switch to pre-paid once you complete 3 months) from borival reliance world. Took exactly 48 hrs to activate. connection is absolutely pathetic. a 40 MB file takes 4 hrs to download. They claim a speed of 7 mbps but this is not true, you hardly get 1 mbps. Complete rip off but I guess all companies are the same.
  13. logiccool

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    MTNL promises 3.6Mbps and I always get above 2Mbps. so only private players are corrupt in telecom industry.
    and mtnl provides unlimited plan for Rs 750pm,truly unlimited,without fup
  14. kbx911

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    ahahha got screwed by reliance

    who told you to buy from reliance, 101 taka chor company hai boss! hahahaha reliance ke network main jaoge toh yehi hoga, they just throw around money on getting top celebs to endorse their product (recent example Anushka Sharma, wearing 2 inch jeans shorts) instead of spending anything on the product or the technology, toh un gadhon se product kharidoge toh aur kya hoga!

    i agree with the comment above 100% it is teh private players who are corrupt these fuckers tata and reliance totoally harami chor @$%@$@$@#%. I used Tata Photo after seeing their 3.1 mbps ad, and got speeds like .4 and .5 mbps, so bastards told me "we have advertised UPTO 3.1, not 3.1", so i threw that and bought BSNL 3G dongle it always gave 2 mbps plus speed even 3 mbps sometimes (these speeds are better in metro towns, i live in Surat). Reliance ko toh bhool jao, even worse than Tata. Now i use BSNL 3G in Tablet and it runs very nice too, and BSNL BB at home that also always gies 80 KBps download speed even though my unlimited connection is only 512 kbps according to which i should get only 50 KBps download speed but they give 30 KBps extra download speed. When BSNL 3G launched they had unlimited plans and i was getting 3 mbps speed, but then i think Ratan Tata and that Ambani must have nicely khilao pilaoed the BSNL top brass, because later they dropped the unlimited plan. But still BSNL is better than teh private corrupt fuckers. Imagine if BSNL did not drop the unlimited plan not even 1 dongle of Reliance or Tata would sell
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  15. vishnu

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    Now is he gonna answer this? :p
  16. logiccool

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    18 Mbps on reliance is confined to advertisements only
  17. dushie

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    Till now i have not seen any provider offer high speeds. The max i got only BSNL 3G was around 5 -6 Mbps +. Took Airtel 3G last week and i am getting 5.7 Mbps speeds on the same. Maybe if someone is really staying close to the tower higher speeds would be possible. 18 Mbps sounds like a distant dream.
  18. mickey

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    You should never go on what advertisements say.. :)

    Reliance has good fiber networks, their cable services are good:) i also like slow yet steady cdma 1x internet that they provide with their cdma service, saved my life many times:)

    but still about 3G i think everyone is on "lets loot 'em" strategy in Indian market. 3G is like something new for everyone, so they are using plots of marketting to capture the most of users, possible. they don't pass of what should be called "customer satisfaction level, but are straightly into the market to "loot innocent users". TRAI is like a a cool sheep which does baa-baa only when you send 10,000 emails on their server. The money which you have spent on sending those 10,000 emails to TRAI server helps the internet companies like Reliance to give you lollipops for the moment..
  19. m0rphis

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    abso****ingly agree...
  20. tothepoint

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    Reliance 3g is the best

    I have used BSNL 3G TATA Photon Plus Airtel 3g MTS Mblaze as well as Reliance 3G,,,Reliance is the best out of all reliability Photon plus is as good...but when it comes to speed Reliance does not have any delivers 1-1.5Mbps on a consistent basis Ranchi...Photon Plus.....25-.4 Mbps ...although speed being delivered is significantly less than whats advertised Reliance tops even in pricing...5GB@800..10GB@1002 and 15GB@1300...photon plus is costlier...overall Reliance 3G works out best...

    7.2 Mbps data card for Reliance is available @ 1699 and 21.6 Mbps data card@3099..As of today considering the speed which it gives and plans it has it is the best

    airtel....4GB@ 750....10 GB@ 1250......PHOTON PLUS...5GB@850...10GB@1200 and 15 GB@1500

    A strange thing....Photon Plus is costlier than 3G ..of Reliance..
    Just go for Reliance 3G in Ranchi..having used almost every available data services I can simply say Reliance 3G is the best..
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