Reliance 2Mbps unlimited prices should be reduced ASAP!!

Discussion in 'Reliance Broadband' started by Abhi, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. Abhi

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    M eagerly waiting for 2Mbps unlimited prices to be reduced, it's already been so many months, true broadband is only when it's minimum 2Mbps unlimited speeds, so the current speeds are not true broadband in the actual sense, hope reliance brings more high speeds above 2Mbps unlimited plans@ reasonable prices soon, prices should be below Rs1500pm, reliance should provide more high speeds plans at reasonable prices ASAP, world is progressing and enjoying Gbps speeds and we r still stuck at Kbps speeds, really bad to see the worse condition of broadband in India, hope ISPs start giving more importance to broadband sector instead of their crap mobiles and 3g which is of no use to most consumers, it's already high time, broadband should be given the first priority from now onwards..
  2. tech123

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    So according to you 512kb and 1mb unlimited are false broadband?
    (just jokeing)

    I completly agree with you, its high time already and ISPs all over India are responsible for India lagging behind in broadband.
    In Foreign countries minimum speed starts from 1mbps and limited plans are banned and in India we still have many plans which are in kbps speed:mad:.

    But good to know that slowly we are improving:).
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