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  1. khattibas

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    When i am checking my BSNL Usage details the format is like this
    its giving

    Total Data Transfer(In KB) Total Unbilled Amount(In Rupees)
    4752257 195

    This means that this amount will be added to my telephone Bill ???

    Bt my total data Transfer is not even 500 MB and my plan is 500 Night Unlimited i have 2.5 GB data limit .....

    And my connection got activated on 4 December .........

    Help me regarding this issue ??????
  2. mmm

    mmm New Member

    can you post a screen shot of your usage records so that we can answer .
  3. deepak_heatm

    deepak_heatm New Member

    usage details problem

    I too having the same problem while checking the account usage status.... hi u know one thing ? this type of usage showing in rupees is only for those who got the broadband connection before one month.

    I got bb connection on 22/11/07 and my friends also got the connection during same time. And he is also experiencing the same problem..

    We dont know the exact usage what we used in MB. Please help us...
  4. deepak_heatm

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    Here is the screenshot of my usage status page... u check and tel

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  5. raajeshar

    raajeshar New Member

    I got my conection recently. Me too facing the same problem.
  6. Admin

    Admin Administrator Staff Member

    I saw your screen shot and you have used up almost 41GB of bandwidth. Not sure how your tariff plan works so no comments on how you will be billed on that.. will let some one who knows answer your query.
  7. deepak_heatm

    deepak_heatm New Member

    ok its no need to worry.. u dial 1500 and ask the customer care officer how to check the usage ...

    I also asked them. for that they said that they registered the complaint and ask me to call them after two days. ok u also call them and ask abt it.
  8. deepak_heatm

    deepak_heatm New Member

    I am using the home 500 plan and has night UL option.

    And my usage page is explained below:

    The indicator showing"total data transfered in KB" is the data that is transferred INCLUDING THE NIGHT (total usage in the current month).

    but the indicator "Total amount in Rupees" is showing only daytime usage in rupees

    And therefore its very difficult to find my daytime usage in MB. I hope that they(BSNL) will fix this problem soon.
  9. (-N-)

    (-N-) New Member

    well i hav the same problem too!!why did they switch to the new system before they could even properly edit the portal?
    it was worse the first few days!!i checked the portal and it said usage 73GB & i got horrified as i never use the internet tht much in the mornings!!so i called bsnl and they said they said they'll check up on it & "dont worry" & well i could breathe again when my internet bill came and it was only 501.60rs only 2mb extra!!

    anyway i think total data transfer is the overall usage & they mistyped amount excluding night unlimited as amount in rs!! so i think u used 195MB excluding night unlimited!!
    im not sure!!

    anyway ppl try to play safe!!keep low for a month or two till they sort it out
  10. $pinner

    $pinner New Member

    I would just suggest one thing and i am saying it again and that is never to go with a limited package as you would end up with huge bills. I have gone through this with BSNL and i would like to advise the same to you.
  11. Quantum_XP

    Quantum_XP New Member

    Hey how do u guys even checking the usage??? I have got my connection on 18th of this month and my username is of the format and my plan is Home 500. Is the number 1500 the customer care number of BSNL. I am completely at a loss and cannot use my free night download facility. I only have to rely on the net meter which is pretty much lame. PLEASE HELPPPPPPPP
  12. cool_techie_tvm

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  13. Rohit

    Rohit New Member

    I think net meter is a real good and very much accurate program. I am also using the same for last 4 months and i would say that either you check it from your BSNL account or from Netmeter reading should be the same.
  14. RacerLodde

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  17. niraj8241

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    hey guys the website u all have provided(BSNL NIB-II PORTAL) is not working all over the country. its working in some places only.the actual website is
  18. seking

    seking New Member

    @deepak heatm

    The screenshot is for consolidated usage including those that you must have downloaded between 2.00 am to 8.00 am. Therefore click on the detailed usage and you will know the exact status. If your plan is home 500, then the total charged KBs should not exceed 2.5*1024*1024=2621440. If it exceeds, additional MB's will be charged @ 80 paise/MB plus tax of 12.36%.
  19. kunmunm2000m

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    hello guys..need some help regarding data usage..i recently took a bb connection.the home 250 has 1gb free download each month.we check the data usage at has billed nd unbilled which 1 should we consider?
  20. i had got an internet connection on 5th june 2009.........the 1GB dowload finished witin one week..............when will my plan be renewed........???means again new 1GB download??

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