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Discussion in 'Airtel DTH' started by rj_rajkumar, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. rj_rajkumar

    rj_rajkumar New Member

    hello frnds, can i transfer my recored programes from dvr hard disk to laptop through HDMI cable?
    or is there any other process to transfer recorded programs to external disk
    please tell me , now my 100 hours recording is over.
    i want to store some of y recordings to other drive
  2. playersjohn

    playersjohn Guest

    yaar tum airtel ki bakwas service kaise jhel rahe ho?i wonder,i have throw out the set up box of airtel from the house.its so bakwas want to store your recording programme to your pc.leave it.:mad:
  3. gsmsikar

    gsmsikar New Member

    what is the relation of airtel bakwass service with the above question ?

    is there any way to save the recordings from a airtel dth DVR to a PC ?
  4. sam_susi

    sam_susi New Member

    I also got a new HD DVR and wanted to know how to transfer those recorded programs to an usb or record in an external hard drive
  5. sam_susi

    sam_susi New Member

    If there is an admin looking in to this post, pls help us.
  6. sagar281

    sagar281 New Member

    AVer Media HD EzRecorder C283. This is the only option without getting your warranty cancelled from the DTH Provider for opening and tempering with Set Top Box , and not getting caught up in all illegal copyrights violations. This is a simple solution and it dose not involve copying,distributing,copyrighted material,because we are capturing it . But of course it would need one time investment as all backdoor entries do.It's around 7500 Rupees.Now let me guide you through the benefits.

    Primary Benefits:

    1. Stand-alone, Stand Out Recording (No need of PC or Laptop at the time of recording, plus you can simultaneously watch the show and record the same time)
    2. One-press Capture (press a single button and the recording starts)
    3. Prime Time Anytime with Schedule Recording (record your favorite shows without your personal presence near TV)
    4. Storage Facility (Both Internal as well as external is available)

    Picture Quality and Storage Benefits:

    1.Everything can be recorded in max 1080i Quality(a bit below 1080p , 1080P not supported)plus you have the options of 480i / 480p / 576i/ 576p/ 720p to select from if you want to switch resolutions
    2.It uses H.264 Hardware Compression Technology (No video Quality loss)
    3.Instant Recording Playback
    4.It has Built-in 2.5” Hard Disk Slot (Buy the hard disk from market and insert it in, all the recording will be saved in it)
    5.There is a USB Port (where in you can attach USB Hard Drive , portable hard drive,pen drive what ever you want or what ever you have handy, all data will be saved in it) YOU HAVE TO FOLLOW THE 4 STEP OR THE 5TH STEP , NOT BOTH

    6.NO NEED TO CONVERT THE FORMAT OF THE VIDEOS YOU RECORDED AS ALL THE RECORDED STUFF IS IN AVI HD FORMAT(easily playable in what ever device you want , as avi format is generally compatible with everything)
    7.As all the data is saved in external drive it's easy to carry,transfer,share
  7. sam_susi

    sam_susi New Member

    Hi sagar281,

    I have a WD HD Player LIVE, can i use that by anychance connecting it to my DTH box and having an external hard drive connected the WD Hard drive player?

    Please dont mind if this is a dum question. I am just asking since i want to use what i have and dont want to purchase any more hardware.

    Also how do we upgrade the firmware of the box?

  8. sagar281

    sagar281 New Member

    no that is no possible .... because what a media player dose it plays recorded player cant record

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