Recording And Viewing More Than Two Channels On Tata Sky

Tata Sky HD + STB allows programmes to be recorded, while one programme is being watched, but is there any option for two programmes being recorded and the third being watched?
At times there are three programmes coming on TV and because of the recording option one can be recorded and the other can be watched live or even recorded but still if the second programme is being recorded it also has to be watched as you can not switch to a third channel without cancelling a current recording.


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Unfortunately there is no way to record two programmes and watch the third one. I too get into the same situation at times, but there is not much which can be done, unless you know that one of the programmes will be shown again the next day
The HD + STB only allows you to record two programmes, from which one of them has to be watched therefore not allowing you to watch a third channel while two programmes are being recorded.